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Police: Reston-Area Robberies Up 100 Percent in 2015

by Karen Goff October 27, 2015 at 10:30 am 44 Comments

Capt. Ron Manzo is new commander of FCPD's Reston District StationRobberies in Fairfax County Police’s Reston District up 100 percent over this time last year, says Capt. Ron Manzo, commander of the Reston District Station.

Manzo, along with crime prevention specialist Katy DeFoe, were at Reston Association’s regular Board of Directors meeting last week to give an annual report on the state of crime — and crime prevention — in this part of the county.

The Reston District covers 40 square miles and includes Reston, as well as unincorporated Herndon and Great Falls.

Manzo said there have been 32 robberies in the Reston District so far in 2015. Twelve have been in south Reston, he said. At this point in 2014, there had been 16 robberies overall, he said.

However, many of the cases are not random, said Manzo.

“Most of the robberies are drug ripoffs,” Manzo said. “We have made arrests in six of them. The others are inactive due to lack of follow up.”

Manzo pointed out some other crime stats for 2015:

There have been three shootings in the Reston District this year. One was a homicide in unincorporated Herndon. One was a domestic situation in which a man shot his wife. The man was charged.

The third shooting was in Shadowood in May. Three men are facing gun possession and attempted robbery charges, but were not charged with homicide in the shooting that killed Rashad Kejuan Daye, 24, of Herndon.

Police said previously the apartment resident was protecting himself against the suspects, who were known to him.

Car thefts are slightly up — 62 so far this year compared to 60 through October of 2014.

However, DeFoe said the majority of stolen cars have been taken when the keys were in the car and/or the cars were left unlocked.

“We’re not locking our doors, we are not taking keys out,” said DeFoe. “We average about for or five [incidents of thefts from auto where doors were unlocked] per night. If they if not finding keys in the car, they will [search] through a car with unlocked doors.”

Manzo took over as the head of the Reston District Station early this year. He said one of his top priorities has been getting officers out of their cars and back on the streets and bike paths.

“Right off bat, that was one issue I saw with the NPU [Neighborhood Policing Unit] ,” he said. “I immediately put them back on bikes.”

He said the Hunters Woods area, especially the tunnels and paths, were a concern.

“There have been a couple of unfortunate cases on the trails,” said Manzo. “I need them out on bikes. ”

Capt. Ron Manzo/Reston Now file photo

  • Mary Cavanaugh

    Just coincidence that this coincides with Metro starting up a little over a year ago?

    • Java Master

      You mean to say that the Silver Line is the bank robbers’ and drug dealers’ getaway vehicle of choice these days? Look, we are all addicted to our autos these days, and criminals are no exception to that general proposition.

      • meh

        they use stolen golf carts and bicycles as get away vehicles.

      • Mary Cavanaugh

        Then I guess we don’t need the Metro if that is the case.

    • LesAnn620

      I worked as a reporter at the Herndon/Reston Observer during the lowest lows of the recession. There were WAY more bank and convenience store robberies back then than there are now. I remember talking to the Reston district station officers about it and them explaining that in bad economic times, when many more people are out of work and having a hard time finding work, robberies tend to increase with people’s desperation. Yes, there have been a number of them this year, but it hasn’t seemed like a lot compared to what it was back in 2009/2010.

      • Mike M

        So, . . . we should be pleased and ignore it?

        • LesAnn620

          Nope. Just saying that “quite a few” robberies is relative.

  • SouthRestonResident

    To summarize, previous comments by posters about South Reston and crime and drug related issues have been supported by Mr. Manzo. I can only hope in the future when discussions take place people will remember this factual evidence.

    Hunters Woods & South Reston (The area by the Safeway) is a very dangerous crime ridden area full of low-income housing and drug dealings

    • GB

      what? maybe this is sarcasm getting lost online but.. “Manzo said there have been 32 robberies in Reston so far in 2015. Twelve have been in south Reston”

    • Tom

      I’ve lived in South Reston for 13 years, use the walking paths all the time and shop Hunters Woods. Never have I ever witnessed any crime or felt unsafe.

      • Mike M

        You whistle in the graveyard, and will no doubt continue to do so until you get mugged. Every other time on a Friday or Saturday I simply drive up Soapstone from Safeway, I see bands of thugs drinking malt liquor on the East side of the tunnel. With the clocks about to change, I will not be able to see them. If you ever spend time at the shopping center you cannot help but witness loitering and occasional shoplifting. But I accept that many people do not see as much as I see. Some folks simply walk around with their heads down.

    • letsbcivil2

      Perhaps but if so it was so before the Silver line

  • meh

    latino gangs provide the drugs ie: heroin, reston kids and teens get hooked and then turn to crime to feed their addiction. If only our elected officials would look out for the next generation of americans, instead of worrying about growing their political base…

    • Java Master

      Let’s arrest and exile the next person to use the words “meh” or “meme” in their writing, okay? Let’s stretch our vocabulary just a bit more, shall we?

      • Trollie the Troll

        Meh Meme

    • LucyB

      you don’t know your area history the police have done a really fabulous job in the last 5 years cleaning up the gang problem in this area. Is it gone completely, no but it is way, way down. They deserve tremendous credit for that. So your bigoted comments not only are factually inaccurate, they disrespect the police

      • meh

        nope, no gang activity at all.


        fun fact, in most of the local arrest reports they omit gang affiliation for two reasons, they dont want to give said gang prestige/publicity and they dont want to upset naive sheeple like you.

        • letsbcivil2

          I actually know what I’m talking about because I know the details of the reports. You should not make assumptions about people you don’t know. Fun fact: the actual demographic and details about the people and families who live near Hunter Woods, not some vague concept of racial stereotypes, has changed dramatically in the last 5 years, but you wouldn’t know that because they all look the same to you. And this increase is in the last year. Blame metro if you wish — and statistically crime does increase in the IMMEDIATE vicinity of new subway stops across American but it is petty crime and drops once you get as little as 1/4 a mile away.

          • Mike M

            All I know is what I see and read. I see all the criminal and dubious behavior (loitering, drinking, littering, begging, and yelling at strangers) is committed by two ethnic groups neither of which appears to be European-American. Is it possible that your righteousness is surging ahead of your consciousness and will only be adjusted when you or a family member gets mugged?

          • letsbcivil2

            My convictions are fueled by my faith and outlook on life. Both of which serve me well. I am sorry for you.

          • Mike M

            Keep on believein’.
            Be sorry for me, but I’ll bet I am less likely to be thugged than you.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Go South Reston!

  • Grandpa Jack

    The sound of fresh rain run-off splashing from the roof reminded me of the
    sound of urine splashing into a filthy Safeway latrine.

  • christina

    Your Freudian slip is showing…

  • LakeNewportLady

    32 robberies and only 12 in south Reston…odd to point out the south Reston number since that would mean 20 are in north Reston. Curious what the breakdown of the 32 are…individual, business robberies, etc?

    • Karen Goff

      Central and North yes, but also Reston District goes all the way to Great Falls. So correct, only 37 percent in S Reston. I will break down the numbers at a later date. This was just a recap of what he said at RA meeting.

      • LakeNewportLady

        Gotcha…I thought it was just “Reston” because that was the only part of the article that only mentioned Reston. The rest always referred to Reston District. So I assume some of these numbers could be Herndon too?

        • Karen Goff

          Yes, unincorporated Herndon. Not town of Herndon.

  • LakeNewportLady

    I’m not sure how this article highlights south Reston as an issue. If the numbers are accurate it would be 12 out of 32 robberies in south Reston…meaning 37%…that would imply 63% of robberies are in north Reston.

    • Boom123

      Well yeah. It makes sense that robberies in north Reston are higher because that’s where the people with better stuff in their homes live.

      • Karen Goff

        We are talking robberies – not burglaries.

    • Mike M

      Not exactly. The Reston District includes areas that are neither North nor south Reston.

      South Reston is a really a big area. We should be less vague about where the crime is really going on. People on these boards were complaining about “that area” more than a year ago when FFX Police were saying there was no crime problem there.

  • DC-Native


    • You’reNotThinking

      That’s ridiculous– a criminal rode from where? DC? And then what, caught an UBER to go break in to someones house?

      • Nyla J.

        Uber, please. I’ve been delighted to encounter some of our new community members walking the paths around Reston.

  • Brian

    First, I don’t envy the police department’s job in today’s environment. They deserve our thanks for what they do. My impression of Capt. Manzo is that he is a big step-up for the Reston sub-station. However…I am always a bit leery of government statistics. Purely using experience, where would you rather shop on a dark Friday evening? Hunters Woods or North Point? Arrests are one thing – incidents are another. Perhaps there are fewer arrests in south Reston? Just wondering.

    Just last night I stopped at Dunkin Donuts with my 11 year old son around 7pm. We were greeting by 5 boys ranging in age from about 9 to 13/14. They were blocking the entrance, cussing and acting like thugs. My son refused to get out of the car. This is not an unusual experience at Hunters Woods.

    I agree with other posters that things are much worse since Metro arrived. Coincidence, perhaps, but there seems to be a correlation. Anyone who says the subsidized housing near Hunters Woods isn’t a problem is dishonest. I truly feel for families who live in those developments; at least I can drive away when I get disgusted.

  • Ruthere

    shame on you. many of the homeless Embry Rucker serves have psychological issues but the lack of mental health care funding in the years since the Reagan Administration have left them on the streets rather than being cared for – which is why the refrain after mass shootings about needing more mental health care is so hypocritical. Also, many of the homeless are vets. You might have more compassion if you knew more about the demographics that Embry Rucker serves. Many of them are families and few are a threat to public safety. (Embry Rucker, not that it matters, is after all in North Reston for those of you focused on geography.) And Embry Rucker has been here for a long time so you can’t blame this wonderful center for the up tick in crime. There but for the grace of God go any of us given a series of unfortunate and uncontrollable events.

    • meh

      Can’t we just do what Harry Reid does in Nevada? Take all the crazies and homless and give them bus tickets to California. It would be the humane thing to do – no sense having people freeze to death when they can be on those nice sunny beaches of La Jolla

  • LesAnn620

    Errr. I live in the condos across the street just to the west of Embry Rucker and have for more than five years. Never had an issue with anyone from there. Except this one cranky old dude who was dumpster diving on our property and made fun of my husband for his lack of hair (note to self: bad wife, stop giggling) when my husband asked him to leave the trash alone.

    Most of the people who are there, while they do have psychological issues, are perfectly fine within the community. I’ve literally never felt unsafe because of the shelter. The cars traveling way over the speed limit down New Dominion and creepers that randomly park in my neighborhood then walk to RTC on the other hand, absolutely. Why are they parking at my house? There’s free parking way closer — go away!

  • LivedinReston

    Reston ‘ s open air drug market is just below the Wells Fargo bank, one gang below the bank and the other behind Springhill apts. Then you have the drive in transactions who park in bank parking, run over the hill into the woods to get high and make the deal. The police dept knows this and does not prosecute the street level dealers. The young kids are used by the older dealers to hold and transfer the drugs because the juveniles don’t get prosecuted. They get slapped on the wrists and sent home to their disfunctional families … who never question where the money comes from… circle of life for the system kids!

    • Mike M

      Interesting detail. I had a drug dealer in my townhouse development way back in the 90s. I told the police. They were very condescending about letting me know that they knew. The maggot continued to operate out of the County-subsidized unit until his momma or we moved. Can’t remember which came first. I am also aware of a drug dealer who was dealing massively out of one of the back units of the Residence Inn in Herndon. I THINK the police know about him because they seemed to surveil him from a parking lot next door. You could easily get the impression that our very expensive police force is quite worthless. I believe FFX Police are a bigger threat to someone like me with much to lose than to known and active criminals.

  • Contrarian

    Interesting to read how Fairfax County’s low income housing programs are negatively impacting another part of the County. My HOA (like many) have several “County Owned” homes where an active drug dealer lived in one of these homes for 3-years!!! The County only “relocated” our resident drug dealer out of our HOA upon our HOA Board’s threat to go public with this matter to the greater community. So now, some other County community has a new resident drug dealer. Maybe they moved them to Reston? Why must we all live with the County’s “social engineering” experiments???


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