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Report: Reston is Priciest Virginia Home Market

by Karen Goff November 13, 2015 at 2:45 pm 21 Comments

11510 turnbridgeBuying a home in Reston can be pricey. Did you know it is the priciest in the commonwealth?

That is the finding from real estate firm Coldwell Banker, which recently looked at the most expensive communities nationwide.

Virginia’s winner was Reston/Vienna, with an average listing price of  $641,783.

Also in the top five: Alexandria, Fairfax, Ashburn and Burke. Neighbor Herndon came in No. 8 with an average price of $490,560.

Meanwhile, the average four-bedroom Virginia home costs $317,336, according to Coldwell Banker.

So what does $640,000 get you in Reston? Here’s some listings that come close:

There is this four-bedroom single family home on Lake Newport Road for $639,900. Here’s a cool Contemporary on Turnbridge Lane (pictured) for $699,900. A three-bedroom townhouse with garage on Waterhaven Drive will cost you $649,500. You could also snap up an original Lake Anne waterfront townhouse on Chimney House Road for $659,000 or a two-bedroom condo at the Paramount for $629,000.

Overall, there are 32 active listings in the $600,000 price range in Reston.

Meanwhile, take pride in knowing we’re No. 1.

  • Sec8

    Orrrrr…. You could just live in one of the many Section 8 homes for next to nothing…

    • Lisa W.

      Hey, you do gotta have some cheap housing for all the people who clean the houses, mow the lawns, bus tables, stock shelves, etc.

      • Mike M

        No, Doctor. You don’t “gotta.”
        But then there is always Prince William and West Virginia.
        I live in a modest house and it costs me a fortune. It boils my blood that the county bestows similar housing upon certain blessed individuals – also at my expense.

        • Greg

          I don’t want to be responsible for a blood boilover, but this. http://www.thomasjeffersoninst.org/files/3/Subsidized%20Luxury%20in%20Fairfax%20County.pdf

          • Mike M

            There are other examples, but that’s a well prepared case. Glad you posted the link. It might pop a few heads out of their cavities. What I am trying to understand is the compulsion so many feel about buying people free housing with my money. Who gains from this. I can’t see the whole picture. The local paper had a big spread on giving three bedroom houses to “veterans.” Oh so righteous! But wait! I’m a veteran and I am educated, I work, and I live with in my means. I think any giveaways ought to be on showing these louses how to get a job, or on busing them in from some place they can afford. I’d be just as comfortable giving them NOTHING. The notion that everyone should have everything just because is simply perverse. If we all ad that attitude, where would the US economy be? I guess exactly where the US economy is headed. People, it ain’t easy. But it’s not supposed to be. It CAN be done.

            Why do so many educated people want to give people stuff with my money? Is is because mommy and daddy gave them everything? Is that the driver? Or do powerful interests like the Democratic party and property developers stand to gain? I’d like to know. Or is is that powerful drive to feel smug and self-righteous?

      • Sec8

        Nope. Pretty sure they don’t do any of those jobs.

    • Heh

      And then you will benefit from the glorious benefits of diversity, which are never specified, but which they tell as are so beneficial that you will certainly benefit tremendously. In some unspecified way, anyway. Only an uncharitable bigot could possibly think otherwise.

  • Greg

    What about Great Falls and McLean? Surely one or both have higher average listing prices, no?

    • Chuck Morningwood

      Nah. Too much subsidized housing in those communities.

  • Meh

    You can snag up some cheap property in Hunters Wood.

  • So why is Vienna and Reston buckled together by C oldwell? Why not Great Falls and Reston or Reston and Herndon? Hmmm neither Vienna nor Reston is as pricey as Great Falls or Mclean.

  • Sour Wings!!!

    I bet I can get one hell of of evening at Hooters for $640,000 #HootersForReston

  • not sure how they came up with this…there are other cities more pricey than Reston and even in Reston (as anywhere else), prices vary from street to street and building to building.

  • susie


    • Carmen Sandiego

  • letsbcivil2

    First of all, why is this an honor? I’m not complaining about Reston — I’ve loved living here for the past 20 years — but is it really an honor?

    Second, I am really appalled at the bigoted and uncharitable comments I consistently read in the comments section. I will stop reading them but I hope they aren’t representative of how most of the residence here feel. So sad, so shallow.

    • cRAzy

      Yep, there is a real sickness among some of the comments on diversity and/or low income housing in many RestonNow comments–always anonymous, of course.

      I don’t think they “get” what Reston is about.

      • Bah

        Reston is not “about” being a dumping ground for illegal immigrants and social parasites.

  • Nope not true

    Wow this is way off. I’m in the process of moving from Arlington to Reston because I can get two extra bedrooms and almost double the square footage for just a little bit more than what I’m paying in Arlington. Also, why did they use average price instead of median?

  • Animal Lover

    I don’t know that I would qualify the cost of housing in Vienna as similar to that of Reston, I haven’t done much research into this, but I think of one as being higher cost than the other.

  • Another Anonymous

    Bogus survey information. Where is Great Falls on this list? And the ‘median” price would be far more useful and meaningful if used in conjunction with the “mean’ to give a clearer statistical picture.


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