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Reston Real Estate: Reston’s Autumn From High Above

by Eve Thompson November 24, 2015 at 1:30 pm 1 Comment

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This is a sponsored post by Eve Thompson of Reston Real Estate. It does not reflect the opinion of Reston Now.

I love fall in Reston. Here in the south, our colors peak in late October/November. This year in mid-November they’re still beautiful. I love walking the paths of Reston when the leaves blanket the ground. The air is extra crisp, and my dog loves all the smells.

It can be hard to capture the beauty of Reston in a photograph or two — especially South Reston with Lake Thoreau, Lake Audubon and the Glade. But you can capture it in a flyover video. On a whim, I decided to search on YouTube to see if any such videos existed…and I had success!

YouTuber pblacklock posted this video that captures the South Lakes area, especially around Lake Thoreau, which is where he launched the camera. Pblacklock has posted several flyover videos in different cities and towns, and I have to admit I got caught up in watching them.

Here are two — one is above Lake Thoreau, and this one is above the Reston National Golf Course.

One bit of advice before you hit play–mute your speaker. The only sound is the propeller of the remote control airplane, but it’s loud. I found I enjoyed the video much more with the sound off.

Does this video make you want to live in South Reston? Learn more about South Reston and the neighborhoods around Lake Thoreau (which is where this video is filmed).

  • Mike M

    Very cool video. It was easy to get caught up in it. I wonder if Captain Blacklock is worried about getting his vehicle caught up in a jet intake? The skies are busy over Reston because there is a major international airport next door and other reasons.


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