How Long Have You Lived in Reston? Make That a Museum Pledge

by Karen Goff November 25, 2015 at 11:30 am 3 Comments

LOGO-RestonMuseumThe Reston Museum and Historic Trust is embarking on a new fundraising campaign, one that asks Restonians to donate a buck for every year they have lived here.

Really, that’s no more than $50 or so since Reston is a fairly young community just heading towards its 52nd birthday.

The RHT is organizing the online fundraiser “to help support our mission and honor Robert E. Simon, Jr.’s legacy. The campaign is designed to help RHT collect $100,000 toward the retiring the mortgage, securing our space on Lake Anne Plaza for generations,” RHT officers said in a statement.

Founder Simon died in September at age 101.

The RHT has a goal of raising $100,000.The nonprofit would then be able to expand its outreach and educational programs; employ a full-time director; and retire the debt on the Reston Museum at Lake Anne Plaza.

To donate now, visit RHT’s Go Fund Me page.

  • SouthRestonResident

    I hope with this funding drive, the museum can have a section dedicated to the changes to South Reston over the last 50 years. Accomplishments can include: low income housing; assaults; robberies; and drug deals gone bad.

    I can see it now, a giant interactive exhibit featuring the Hunters Woods sign and perhaps a virtual walkway that’s poorly lit.

  • Image is Everything

    I’d rather have my money go to the shelter, really. People are hurting. Is the museum documenting the homeless mini tent cities sprinkled throughout the woods?

  • Maus O’Leum

    100K does not a glass coffin buy and neither keeps RELAC temps sufficiently below freezing points. So maybe sign up for Bodies, Work Live And PLAY Wonder Of THE Human form.


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