Fairfax County Police Fairfax County Police charged two Reston residents with larceny and being drunk in public early Wednesday after the suspects refused to leave Reston’s Target store — and when they did, they left with stolen merchandise and led police on a foot chase.

The officers were called to the store at 12197 Sunset Hills Rd. at 12:12 a.m. with a report of two intoxicated people who refused to leave at closing time.

When police arrived, the suspects were walking outside the store carrying merchandise they did not pay for, police said.

Officers gave commands to the suspects to stop, but they disregarded those commands and fled across the parking lot, into a wooded area adjacent to the store. Officers gave chase and apprehended one suspect without incident. The second suspect again failed to obey lawful commands from the officers and a taser was employed, which led to compliance by the second suspect.

Larrell Lansdowne, 32, of Freetown Court in Reston, was charged with grand larceny and being drunk in public. Shannon Jimenez, 33, of Greywing Square in Reston, was charged with petit larceny and being drunk in public.


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