Update: JBG Reston Heights Project Gets a New Name

by Karen Goff January 13, 2016 at 2:30 pm 12 Comments

Updated Thursday with information on what “VY” means.

JBG Companies’ Reston Heights Phase II has a new name: VY at Reston Heights, according to signage at the construction site.

A JBG spokeswoman said this about the name:

“VY is an abbreviation of very, and creates a unique word that allows us to inject further meaning into it when the marketing campaign is launched. Once the name VY is inserted within the context of the brand, it will evoke the vitality and velocity of this new addition to Reston Heights.”

The former site of the Reston International Center’s convenience stores, a bank and a Chili’s Bar and Grill were razed in recent weeks to make way for the mixed-use development.

The Westin Reston Heights, Mercer Condominiums and office buildings make up the first phase of Reston Heights, which was completed several years ago.

The second phase, approved by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors in 2013, will have a six-story residential building, a 15-story residential building, a five-story building that incorporates a parking garage with residences and retail space; and a 10-story building that mixes office space, parking and retail space.

The plan includes 145,000 square feet of above-grade retail, 100,00 square feet of below-grade retail, 428,225 square feet of office and 498 residential units.

The only major tenant signed thus far is 24 Hour Fitness, a JBG spokeswoman said.

However, a rendering at the construction site gives a sneak peek into the cafes, shops and outdoor seating that will eventually be at the development.

  • John Higgins

    Guess I am too dense to undestand what “DY” conveys. Can someone help me?

    • Karen Goff

      It’s VY. And I don’t know.

      • MJay

        Did you ask? Seems odd that you would post a news story but not ask the company what it means.

        • Karen Goff

          This was just a drive by when i noticed the sign. I will ask, and that will be another story.

    • Mike M
  • cRAzy

    Hmmmm, I was thinking “XY at Reston Heights,” but “VY” has certain ring to it.

  • Vinifera Yards? VerY? Read it as “vie” instead? I’m sure they’ll provide a story further along in the development…

  • MJay

    VY sounds like an STD. Yuck!

  • .

    I hope schlotzky is making a come back

    Sign Here ____________.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Just what all Developer’s say to the communities “Vp Yours!”, which is a far sight politer than what I had wanted to write.

  • CE

    The photos remind me of when Homer put together the BBQ.

    Why doesn’t mine look like that?


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