Reston Man a Suspect in December Home Invasion and Arson

by Karen Goff March 29, 2016 at 10:00 am 14 Comments

Antwan Green/Arlington County PoliceA Reston man is a suspect in a home invasion and arson at a Reston townhouse where he rented a room, according to Fairfax County Police search warrant.

Police believe Antwan Green, 35, committed those crimes on Dec. 3 and 4, NBC4 Washington reports.

The search warrant says two people, one believed to be Green, knocked on the door of a townhome on Edgemere Circle in Reston Dec. 3 and forced their way inside.

The suspects bound the hands and feet of the 67-year-old woman inside with electrical cords. They took her car, but later abandoned it. When police found the car, they also found mail addressed to Green inside of it, NBC4 said.

Just hours after the home invasion, a fire broke out at a townhome on St. Trinain’s Court, where Green rented a lower-level room. A woman suffered critical injuries when she jumped from a second-floor window of the burning house.

According to the court documents, Green was caught on video at a nearby convenience store buying a lighter, charcoal and lighter fluid just before the fire.

Neighbors told News4 Green rented the basement of the town home but recently had a falling out with the owner. A juvenile informant also told police Green was at the home invasion and the fire.

Green hasn’t yet been charged with arson or the home invasion, but is already in custody without bond on several other charges ranging from bail violations to strangulation to malicious wounding and drug charges.

Green was arrested in Arlington on Dec. 10, on multiple charges stemming from crashing a stolen vehicle and carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. A few days later, he was also charged with felony destruction of property while in jail, where he allegedly “destroyed a fire protection system,” court records show.

Green will be in  Arlington General District Court on those charges on Thursday.

Photo: Antwan Green/Arlington County Police via News4

  • Mike M

    Kill it. Burn it. Feed it to the hogs.

  • shocked

    This guy sounds like a real winner all around.

  • John Q Public

    Please keep this POS behind bars

  • ShadoHood

    The article dosen’t say it, but somehow I just knew, “South Reston”.

    • Karen Goff

      If you read the story, you will see he rented a room in the home on Edgemere. So that would be “Town Center area.”

      • ShadoHood

        The home invasion was in town center area, but the town house that this fine outstanding citizen torched was in south Reston.

      • Ming the Merciless

        The glorious, all-knowing internet tells us that at some point, Antwan lived on Stone Wheel Drive (off Glade Drive) in South Reston. Also, he has an unsurprisingly long list of other offenses to his, uh, credit.


        • meh

          True, but at the time of the crime he was claiming residency north of the tool road. Nevertheless, it would appear that this gentle giant is off the streets and that’s a good thing

  • Ming the Merciless

    It’s a “home invasion” if you are renting a room in the home in question?

  • Why do you bother?

    “they also found mail addressed to Green inside of it,”

  • taffytoo

    with all of his previous crimes,why in the world was he walking the streets?

  • Kid Caballero
  • No name

    No me knows anything about him and how his life was. So stop talking. I understand he did wrong but that’s what pcp do to you.

    • Stop with your bull

      No one knows how his life was. Mom gone love of is life. Do dad Around. No love around him. So stop with horrible things. Nice guy just when a down path after.


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