Reston Chamber Spotlight: Corner Media

Chamber spotlight

This is a sponsored post that is part of an occasional series by the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce. Today’s spotlight is on Corner Media, an outdoor and digital advertising firm. Speaking is Washington, DC, Sales Manager Somer Gregory.

Reston Now: Why did you decide to start your business in Reston?

Somer Gregory: We work with multiple real estate partners in the Reston area and we are also looking to expand our networking opportunities throughout the area throughout 2016.

RN: What are the challenges and rewards of being a business owner?

cornermedSG: Joe Kunigonis, our president, feels that we operate within a dynamic and new industry of digital media technology. We enjoy integrating our technology in new and creative areas. The challenge is what every new business runs into, the ability to communicate our product value on a larger scale.

RN: Name something about your business that most people don’t know.

SG: We have the ability to activate a full-motion, digital media campaign within minutes at multiple locations throughout the Washington DC Metro at a much lower cost than other mediums in the area.

RN: What is the unique value proposition your clients get when using your services?

SG: Corner Media brings together traditional and digital advertising to help businesses reach their ideal customers. Through digital displays, location-based mobile and innovative outdoor advertising, we get brands in front of their target customers where they live, work, shop and play.

RN: Describe a typical day as the business owner.

SG: There is never a typical day! Solving problems and implementing decisions in all shapes and sizes is an everyday proposition.

RN: How has the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce helped your business grow?

SG: The Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce helps us to build and facilitate relationships with potential and existing clients.

RN: What is the quote that best describes your business?

SG: “The future of outdoor digital media”

RN: What is your advice to someone who is thinking about owning a business?

SG: Be prepared to be knocked down multiple times, just remember to keep getting back up.

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