Here’s Why Buses With Police Escorts Drove Through Reston Tuesday

by Karen Goff May 17, 2016 at 1:45 pm 10 Comments

Police escorted buses at RTC/Credit: LoveRunAndPray via TwitterSeveral Reston Now readers noticed about nine tour buses with a police escort traveling through Reston and making a slow pass through the Reston Town Center Tuesday at about noon.

Was it a presidential candidate? Visiting dignitary? Rock star and entourage?

None of the above.

The bus brigade was merely the NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association’s annual Northern Virginia bus tour, RTC officials said. The police presence was to keep everyone together.

The NAIOP bus tour gathers together hundreds of commercial real estate brokers, developers and other interested parties to check out buildings and markets in Fairfax and Loudoun counties.

Reston Town Center, of course, is a hot spot for Northern Virginia commercial real estate. RTC officials say the center’s office space is 100-percent leased.

Photo: Buses with police escort at RTC/Credit: LoveRunAndPray via Twitter

  • Ming the Merciless

    Why that sounds like a GREAT use of taxpayer resources!

    Are they really so dumb they can’t “keep together” without a police escort?

    Maybe they read the comments on this site, saw that everyone in Reston hates, hates, hates brokers and developers, and decided they needed a police escort or they’d be torn to pieces by a mob of enraged NIMBYs.

  • Greg

    No irony is there that the real-estate clique can’t keep their convoy together…

  • Nate_VA

    I got stuck in the backup caused by this, and I am not amused to find out that it was merely for the convenience of developers.

  • Mike M

    Um, . . . no news here folks. This is, after all, Fairfax County, where the County holds you down while the developers have their way with you. Remember John Thoburn?
    Someone should ask Cathy Hudgins about who gave the OK for this allocation of police resources. I’ll bet that’s an interesting process. The Board knows where their bread is buttered. I’ve seen bigger convoys of school buses and tourists that made their way adequately.

  • SusanB

    Thanks for the quick info, Karen! Maybe they’re getting ready to (try to) market the office space that will be vacant once the cost of parking hits. Whether employers pay (and decide to leave) or employees pay (and decide to change jobs), it will move companies out once their lease is up.

  • Joel Patterson

    I had a front row view of this at the Wiehle Toll Road exit. I thought it was a police funeral there were so many officers. Hearing it was for a bunch of real estate agents/developers — yeah, complete waste of money and resources.

  • Nyla J.

    What the heck difference does it make if one of the busses arrived at RTC before the others??? I saw this procession in Tyson’s and thought it must be something important with all of the police officers involved. What a waste!!

  • Restontimes

    Note to the developer representatives that were on those buses and in particular to their leadership teams. This was the worst thing you could have done from a PR perspective.

    Did the planning subcommittee of your colleagues get together and set out to answer “…what’s the stupidest, dumbest, most idiotic thing we could do to show the community we are clueless buffoons…??”

  • UStifosi .

    Something tells me the bus tour didn’t hit south Reston or any 7-11’s in Herndon. Hudgins likes to run a tight ship so I’m sure the route was very selective. They should tour RTC again after Aug 1 to gauge the fallout courtesy of BP/Goudie.

  • JoeInReston

    Most of the complaints have been about the mis-allocation of police resources for emergency non police related purposes. I don’t disagree. But what if the NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association paid the police for their efforts? My guess is that they probably did.

    A broader question that I have – should a group of people be able to pay the police to enable better road access for themselves? Why should the NAIOP be given preference at an intersection over other cars? This is not an emergency situation. These aren’t political VIPs (ie POTUS). Each of their buses should wait at the intersection like everybody else.


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