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Here’s Where SLHS’ Class of 2016 is Heading in the Fall

by Karen Goff June 3, 2016 at 2:45 pm 14 Comments

South Lakes High School The nearly 500 members of South Lakes High School’s Class of 2016 are heading for dozens of colleges, as well as military service and the workforce next fall.

While the greatest number of college students will attend universities in Virginia, there will also be former Seahawks studying from coast to coast.

Below is a list of where students are enrolled, courtesy of SLHS’ career services office.

Want to see how some of the numbers compare to the Class of 2015? Revisit this list from last year on Reston Now. Note: We plan to have numbers from Herndon High School next week.

South Lakes College Matriculation, Class of 2016

  • Mike M

    Congratulations and good luck, Class of 2016!
    Be safe this summer!

  • John Farrell

    Only 22 are going to UVA and 11 to W&M.

    “But there aren’t any quotas at UVA!” “Not at W&M, either.”

    Yeah, right.

    If the swells want to act like private colleges, let them buy the land and buildlngs from Virginia’s taxpayers, appy for admission to the Ivy League and end the charade.

    • Jaye Baldwin

      1. You don’t know if only 22 students were offered admission to UVa. Perhaps some of the students who will attend Duke, Drexel, Carnegie-Mellon, Harvard, etc., were also offered a spot at UVa and chose to go elsewhere.

      2. How many students should be admitted to UVa from one high school? Is 4% of the graduating class too low?

      3. If every FCPS school sends 22 students (with the understanding that TJ will send many more than that and Mt. Vernon far fewer), that’s about 500 students going to UVa. If the freshman class size is around 4,000, then 1/8 of the class is coming from one county in Virginia. UVa says 68% of their enrolled students are Virginians. Are you arguing that number is too low?

      • John Farrell

        ” . . . Duke, Drexel, Carnegie-Mellon, Harvard, . . . ” That 4 kids. Even if you add those kids, it’s still far too low.

        Far, far too low for a state university – far too many seats at UVA and WM go to out of state students; a far higher ratio than at UNC, UMich and other schools of comparable reputation.

        Further, far too few seats go to qualified Reston kids, thus forcing those kids who can’t afford a private college or an out of state public college to go to GMU, CNU, ODU and VCU where the 4 year graduation rate is around 25% versus the 70-80% at UVA, WM, JMU and UMW.

        Virginia’s public univerisity system is failing Reston families.

        • Mike M

          What you and Jaye can’t see, probably because of your L-word blinders, is the role of rac e-based quotas.

          • Stormy_Fireriver

            What do you mean? This is a legitimate question as I don’t understand how income based quotas and nationality affect college entrance. Thank you.

        • Jaye Baldwin

          According to the list, assuming 500 graduating seniors, 60 will not attend college at all, even at the community-college level, and the rest will disperse to 100 schools.

          About 230 students will attend top-tier public- and private schools or generally well-regarded state schools (VA Tech, for instance, could be either, depending which major one chooses), while about 80 will attend some 50 four-year colleges not on anybody’s top-ten list. The rest will attend NVCC.

          199 graduates will attend a state-funded college in Virginia. That’s nearly half of the graduates who will attend college and two-thirds of the graduates attending college but not community college.

          I’m not seeing the failure you’re seeing, and I don’t think a degree from VCU is worth substantially less than a degree from UVa.

          • John Farrell

            There are more than 500 students in the SLHS class of 2016.

            I agree that VCU and UVA degrees are not substantially different.

            The difference is that 70% of UVa freshmen will get their degree in 4 years and 75% of the kids going to VCU will not.

          • wahoo troll

            Transferred from VCU to UVA and got into the Comm School (’08). VCU and UVA degrees many not represent substantially different curricula, but employers pay a lot more for a UVA diploma. Yes, I am bragging but there is a reason why parents get so worked up about quotas. I’m worried about them myself.

            Throwing in my own stats to add fuel to the fire: 4.1 GPA, varsity track athlete, National Merit Scholar, 780 verbal/ 720 math on the SAT and I got rejected from both W&M and UVA.

    • Mike M

      Four words: Thomas Jefferson High School.
      Two letters: GT

      • John Farrell

        The anonymous Mike M aimed at succinct profundity and missed by a wide margin; hitting a bullseye in the heart of obscurity.

        Well done that.

        • Mike M

          John Farrell hereby declares something with which he disagrees as . . . Wrong! Debate over! All hail John Farrell!

          • John Farrell

            The anonymous Mike M edited the comment to which I replied.

            The administrators of UVA justify the increase in out of state admissions to UVA as necessary to compensate the cuts to state aid by the Republican controlled legislature.

            State aid to all Va public universities has fallen by 2/3 over the last 20 years at exactly the time when a college degree has become a minimum qualification entry into the middle class.

          • Mike M

            Yes, the second paragraph was added. Note, we were writing within the same five minutes of each other. I made the edit before I saw your “lucid” response. There is a connection between my part A and my part B. Think hard!

            Here’s a secret I’ll share with you and your L-word friends. Why does the cost of education, healthcare, and housing rise faster than the rate of inflation? Because of state and federal aid. The “aid” artifically boosts demand which boosts the price. So what do all the do-gooders want when the costs goes up? More “aid.” So, we are chasing our tails and the L-words want us to chase faster and faster. How that working for us?

            So, . . . where did little Johnny end up?


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