fcps logoThe Fairfax County Public Schools Board has canceled this week’s discussion of new transgender regulations and will temporarily suspend implementation of the protections, FCPS said on Tuesday.

The decision comes after an extensive closed session on Monday, FCPS says.

There was a work session on the proposed regulation scheduled for Thursday night.

In May of 2015, the School Board voted to extend the FCPS non-discrimination policy (Policy 1450) to include gender identity. The purpose of the regulation is to establish procedures and guidelines for schools to support gender non-conforming and transgender students that are in-line with the policy and legal requirements, the school system said.

The board determined this week it needs more time to evaluate the legal issues surrounding the regulation, including a case now pending before the Supreme Court on this topic from a Virginia school district.

“While the regulation is temporarily on hold, Policy 1450 remains in effect, and the Board remains committed to this policy of nondiscrimination,” new school board chair Sandy Evans said in a statement.

“Consistent with the policy, and current practice, FCPS continues to accommodate the needs of transgender and gender non-conforming students in a way that protects the dignity and privacy of all students.”

FCPS’ board says it will continue to closely evaluate and monitor the legal implications, as well as the community’s questions, through the start of the 2016-17 school year. Prior to any implementation, or formal adoption of the regulation, the school board will provide additional information and further opportunity for public comment on the topic.


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