Weekend Discussion: Best Place for Drinks That’s Not at Reston Town Center

by Karen Goff August 19, 2016 at 4:30 pm 21 Comments

On tap at Red's Table

With paid parking set to go into effect at Reston Town Center on Sept. 12, Reston Now last week asked readers to name some of their favorite restaurants located elsewhere in Reston.

We got 80 comments on that post (and more than 100 on the Reston Now Facebook page), with many great suggestions. Here are some of the spots readers gave lots of mention:

Which brings us to this weekend’s discussion: Where to go for a drink?

While “technically” there are no standalone bars according to Virginia law (only restaurants that serve alcohol), there are places in Reston, Herndon and nearby areas that are more popular for cocktails/beer/wine than for their meals.

Weekend parking will remain free at town center, so many drinking spots will see see do a brisk business. But what about a weekday drink? “Monday Night Football” viewing? Let us know where you will grab a pint if you want to park for free come September.

Photo: Beer taps at Red’s Table

  • Nauk Fitness Elite

    The pedestrian underpass beneath Colt’s Neck Road has been my go-to spot during daylight hours. No cocktails, but if you can manage the walk to the Hunter Mill Safeway, the beer and wine selection is outstanding and very competitively priced.

    • 30yearsinreston

      They have night train and wild Irish rose as well

  • mmbeer

    Breweries. All of them.

  • Edward Calvert

    I like the old brogue in great falls. It’s one of the better irish pubs I’ve seen. Especially when they have live music . Sunday brunch is also good. So no driving to old town for a decent irish pub. Unless you think great Falls is too uppity lol

    • salooski

      Just be careful not to back up over a Ferrari while you’re there…

      • Edward Calvert

        Lol too much irish in her coffee ! 🙂

        • salooski

          Or just the right amount!

  • Chuck Morningwood

    At home. No need to worry about that DUI/DWI.
    But when I go out, it’s usually either to Beltway Brewing in Sterling or Aslin in Herndon.

  • 10ghp

    Carpool Herndon, of course.

    • Edward Calvert

      Great outside area too !

  • vdiv

    We need a Kung Fu Tea joint to shake up dusty old Reston and give Starbux a run for its beans. 😉

  • Chris

    Aslin brewery is awesome and easy walking distance from RTC. Carpool and Jimmies in Herndon are a quick and cheap uber from most places in Reston.

    My favorite is to walk the WO&D trail to Old town Herndon, enjoy the evening at Jimmie’s Old Town Tavern, then Uber or cab home.

  • Barb M

    Let’s not forget the best bar in the world: Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern!

  • Annie

    I like happy hours — for good prices on appetizers (all you really need for dinner) and drinks. Best non-RTC happy hours: (in no particular order):
    Vinifera, Amphora, Mellow Mushroom, Ice House Cafe, Jimmy’s (maybe no HH?), Calypso’s (food discounts indoors only), On the Border, Not Your Average Joe’s, Carrabba’s, Red’s Table, Mediterranean Bistro, and Thai Tah Dah (not sure about happy hour there, but they have a following at HH times). In my opinion, HHs should run until at least 7 pm, but Vinifera’s (at the Westin) goes only until 6.
    For the record, I’m not paying for parking at RTC, and won’t download an app to pay, either.

  • Sue Evans

    Lake Anne Brew House–It’s fabulous (and just won silver and bronze medals last week from the Virginia Craft Beer Guild) !

  • the guy

    My recommendation would also be my recommendation for favorite restaurants, although it’s not technically in Reston: Nomad Grill and Lounge.

    It has drinks, TVs with sports, hookah, and surprisingly good food. Might be the best burger in the area. Also, it’s walking distance to Aslin Beer.

  • Bar Louie in Herndon is nice. Just rediscovered Ned Devines. Anyone been to Stone Cove? A little further afield (and on the W&OD) in Vienna, is the Caboose Brewing Company. Also, there is the new restaurant coming to RTC West, Cooper’s Hawk Winery. Wonder if Uber/Lyft business will increase? That’s one way to avoid the parking.

  • End of World please continnue

    Whiteys in Arlington, it was great but no more.

  • Nancy

    When does “the weekend” start, according to Boston Properties? To most of the population, it starts Friday after work. Will parking be free on Friday nights (as well as on Saturday and Sunday?

    • 30yearsinreston


  • the guy

    At least they’re learning valuable life skills.


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