Reston, VA

Mercury Fountain at Reston Town Center

With the news this week that paid parking — with a complicated app-based system and even more complicated Bluetooth validation — will take effect at Reston Town Center Sept. 12, dozens of Restonians say that’s it for them at RTC.

Here are some comments from Reston Now’s Facebook page:

“I live 5 minutes away from RTC but ever since they got rid of the outdoor parking, I think I have visited there 4 times, and all of those were to see movies. … I have found other places to dine or shop. I will still go to the movies there occasionally but they pretty much lost me as a frequent visitor.”

“The whole idea of an app for parking at a nearby shopping center is just deflating. So much for spontaneity. I don’t need one more account/password to manage in my life. I’d rather spend my money on gas driving farther & parking with no hassle.”

“I will be shopping and dining at RTC less because of this! We are within a 20 minute drive of 3 major malls. I think this is a foolish move on the management of RTC!”

So let’s talk about Reston’s best places outside of RTC (I have my own personal triumvirate of dining awesomeness at South Lakes Village Center and Hunters Woods Village Center).

Without Reston Town Center in your personal mix, where will you spend your dining dollars in Reston/Herndon/Vienna and nearby?


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