Redskins’ Virginia Stadium May be Near, But Not in, Reston

by Karen Goff September 6, 2016 at 11:10 am 22 Comments

Model of new Redskins stadium/ Bjarke Ingels ArchitectsIf the Washington Redskins relocate to Virginia, they will most likely play near, but not in, Reston.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe said in early August that the commonwealth was in “very serious” negotiations to build a new NFL stadium somewhere along the Silver Line. He mentioned Tysons, Reston and points west in Loudoun.

But with no suitable space for that size project in Reston, McAuliffe was likely generalizing. A Washington Post report last week said the most likely spot for the new stadium would be in Loudoun County close to Dulles International Airport.

“If Virginia beats out the District and Maryland to get the new stadium, Loudoun appears to be the only county that has enough undeveloped space near a Metro station to accommodate it,” the Post story said.

Fairfax County apparently does not want the project, anyway. At a summit of Northern Virginia leaders last week, representatives from Fairfax, Prince William and Arlington counties and the city of Alexandria were unanimous in saying that they wouldn’t want the team in their own jurisdictions.

Said the Post:

Loudoun Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Phyllis J. Randall (D) was the only one who left open the prospect of hosting a stadium — while cautioning that the discussion was “a little premature.”

Later in the week, other Loudoun officials expressed enthusiasm about the idea and discussed possible sites near future Metro stations along the Silver Line.

“Any discussion about growth for the Redskins is a discussion that we want to be part of,” Buddy Rizer, executive director of the county’s Department of Economic Development, said Friday.

No negotiations were underway, he said, but the county could be interested in building a stadium as part of a bigger development including an amphitheater, convention center and hotels.

“We would be looking for an opportunity to jump-start a development that would include not only a stadium,” Rizer said. “We are still in the discovery stages. We don’t know if it’s a good deal or not a good deal.”


Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade Maurice Jones, said at the summit that Virginia has options outside Loudoun for a stadium location. However, Loudoun makes sense because the team already practices in Ashburn.


  • Arielle in NoVA

    50 west of 28 is already backed up heading west during the evening rush hour… same with 7 heading west, 267 heading west, 66 heading west, sections of 28 heading north and south… Yes, it makes sense to have a stadium near an airport and Metro line in general, so people can get there, but where would you put such a thing where you wouldn’t make already bad local traffic even more horrible? It would have to at least be west of 28, since the Greenway is the one big road that I know of that isn’t completely stop-and-go for rush hour, and since there’s space that far out. At least, I don’t think the Greenway has gotten that bad yet.

    • Rational Reston

      Valid points for Monday and Thursday night games. Not so much for the bulk of the NFL schedule on Sunday afternoons.

      • Mike M

        NFL stadiums are strange. Many are dormant but for those 8 home games each year. The real question is how often would this one be used for concerts and other events. I used to travel to San Diego for business and stay near Quest. I never saw that thing with any activity in it.

      • JeffF

        You forgot concerts.

  • Curious Restonian

    I’m curious if in any possibility that the Reston National Golf Course could be redeveloped as a Stadium. Lots of redevelopment talks regarding that site previously

    • Karen Goff


    • cRAzy

      Almost impossible under current Reston master plan. And, of course, Rescue Reston and RA would oppose–right?

    • ah

      no room for that traffic

  • Chuck Morningwood

    I say, go with RTC. Not only would it be an improvement over the existing structures, but the paid parking infrastructure is already in place.

    • ah

      No thanks.

  • It makes no sense at all for the stadium to be here. It would be a major negative. No positives at all. And it does not make any sense at all so do not worry about it. DC does not want it and niether does Arlington or Alexanderia so good bye Redskins go to Loudoun!

    • ah

      no, stay in dc or go to maryland or even WV!!!

      • MenuMaven

        WV would love em. There is room near Charles Town casino

      • Edward Calvert

        Charles town WV !!

        • ah

          And itll help their economy!!

          • Edward Calvert

            And they have horse races on Sunday as well

  • Robert Pew

    Maybe we can shut down Dulles Airport on game days since travelers will find it almost impossible to reach the airport or return from the airport.

  • Jay

    Perhaps the Redskins will appear on the newly acquired 32-acre block in Herndon right on the Silver Line: http://www.bizjournals.com/washington/news/2016/08/31/mrp-makes-play-near-planned-silver-line-station.html

  • Cabaret & cramps

    I think I gave up on football altogether after I found out a ticket costs more than a 100 smackeroos. Although the last time she showed up I felt asleep.

  • 30yearsinreston

    I recommend the Lake House White Elephant
    Put a concrete cover on the lake
    RA and its excellent real estate agents will ensure that members get value for their money

  • Katie Pisciotta

    go ahead and bring them to Loudoun. it makes perfect sense they practice in Ashburn the stadium should come here too.


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