Community Leaders to Talk Police, Race Relations at Forum

by Karen Goff September 8, 2016 at 4:30 pm 11 Comments

Sharon Bulova/File photoFairfax County Supervisor Chair Sharon Bulova and Police Chief Ed Roessler will lead the community in a forum addressing race relations, police, justice and unity this weekend.

“Communities Working Together: Justice, Unity & Peace Town Hall,” is hosted by the Fairfax County Communities of Trust Committee. The forum is Saturday, Sept. 10 from 1 to 3 p.m. at Centreville Baptist Church, 15100 Lee Highway, Centreville.

Said Bulova in a press release:

“The key to building communities of trust is establishing positive relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve.”

“With the continued violence against unarmed black men and women, and recent attacks on police officers across the nation, Fairfax County is inviting residents, public officials and law enforcement to engage in important and difficult conversations in order to listen and learn from one another.”

The event will be an opportunity to share and discuss Fairfax County public safety initiatives, listen and respond to concerns from local residents, and discuss suggestions for growth and improvements in the area of community policing, Bulova said.

At the forum, Police officers will talk about what it is like working on the street, and residents will discuss their encounters with police. Communities Working Together will also engage the audience to learn about their roles and responsibilities in keeping our neighborhoods safe and enhancing trust within the community.

Speakers include Bulova and Braddock District Supervisor John Cook.

Panelists include Chief Roessler; Giulio Arseni, Supervisory Special Agent, FBI Civil Rights Division; Hilary Shelton, NAACP Washington Bureau Director and Senior Vice President for Advocacy;  Claire Gastañaga, Virginia American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Executive Director; and Pastor Milton Harding, Centreville Baptist Church

The Communities of Trust Committee (COTC) is a committee of residents, community leaders and public safety representatives that was established by Chairman Bulova in the aftermath of events in Ferguson, Mo., two years ago.

COTC members focus on strengthening and building positive relations between public safety agencies and the communities they serve, with special emphasis on law enforcement, to advance collaboration, partnerships and outreach.

Members bring issues and concerns from their respective communities to the table and discuss possible resolutions and implementation strategies.

COTC, chaired by Fairfax County NAACP President Shirley Ginwright, has so far held four community forums and three Public Safety Days.

Photo: Sharon Bulova/File photo

  • Ming the Merciless

    Funny, I thought the key to building communities of trust is to have trustworthy people, i.e., not criminals, and to remove the non-trustworthy criminals from the presence of the trustworthy law-abiding citizens.

  • ShadowHoodUpToNoGood

    Will they be willing to have an honest discussion in regards to which demographics commit which percentage of crimes? Furthermore will they discuss hot-spot areas in the Reston area that are well known for trouble?

    • Guest

      Do you mean RTC, Reston’s hotspot for theft and assault?

    • Greg

      Like Shadowood? How are things there these days? Murders? Car break-ins? Theft by the on-site manager?

      How’s that million-dollar camera system working? Did the former board member who was a paid consultant get the camera system to work?

  • Reston Crimewatcher

    Bulova is an idiot. “With the continued violence against unarmed black men & women”…??? WTF is she talking about? What violence against unarmed black men & women? Where? See how the left tries to divide?

    • Mike M

      It is standard Saul Alinsky. It is quite deliberate, and it works for the DNC. Bill Clinton was really the best at it. The police issues in FFX have largely been in there murderously handling of mentally ill people and their trigger happy SWAT team.

    • Greg

      It’s all about votes. Or maybe it’s that run-into-the-ground and run-by-democrats Chicago.

  • USvsUS

    Fact is anybody will steal if required to do so. Dominican monks proved that by testing their own priests. If starved they would steal like anyone else. Food that is.

    With drugs that probability goes up exponentially higher. Knowing that we cannot win this fight, when are we declaring the end of the prohibition? Stakes are high, people are dying.

    Registering the user is much easier.

    • Mike M

      FFX County doesn’t have a problem with people stealing for food. But go back to your terribly unjust world wherever you go and be the cheap moral hero!

  • cRAzy

    If it has to do with reform, the police in this case, Bulova and the Bored (not a spelling error) will talk about it until they are blue in the face and we are sick of listening.

    Then they will do nothing–again.

  • 9eyedeel

    what a bunch of garbage


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