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Shots Fired, But No Suspects or Victims Located in Tuesday Incident

by Karen Goff September 8, 2016 at 10:00 am 26 Comments

police line

(Updated, 11:30 a.m. – A previous version of the story said the shooting occurred at Cedar Ridge Apartments. The correct address was at Colvin Woods Apartments)

Fairfax County Police are investigating a report that shots were fired in the 11100 block of Becontree Drive on Tuesday night.

Police were called to the area about 9:12 p.m. after reports of several people arguing in the parking lot of Colvin Woods Apartments.

While police were en route, they received several reports of gunshots at the same location. Several vehicles were seen leaving the area after the shots were heard, police said.

When officers arrived on the scene, there were no people or vehicles. One officer found an unspent round (bullet) on the ground.

Police dispatched the Fairfax 1 helicopter and a police Bloodhound to assist with the investigation. The dog tracked to an area where witnesses saw several people get into vehicles and quickly leave the area. There are no specific suspect descriptions available, but the investigation is ongoing, police said.

In other police news this week:


  • 1800 block of Cameron Glen Drive, license plates from vehicle
  • 11900 block of Freedom Drive, laptop computers from business
  • 2200 block of Hunters Woods Plaza, merchandise from business
  •  1700 block of Business Center Drive, watch from business
  • 13100 block of Curved Iron Road, cash from residence
  • 1800 block of Cameron Glen Drive, wallet from residence
  • 2500 block of James Monroe Circle, cash from residence


 1800 block of Library Street, 2005 Audi A4 sedan

  • Ming the Merciless

    I’m sure it’s a coincidence that Cedar Ridge is Section 8 housing.

    • meh

      North of the toll road. That’s a surprising turn of events

      • Mike M

        I hope you are being sarcastic. Broadbrush condemnation of Reston south of the toll road is just plain ignorant. I’ve lived on both sides and have seen the problem areas in the north. In fact, the problem areas in the north are substantial and spread across multiple communities. In South Reston, we are talking about an almost contiguous single area.

        • Reston Crimewatcher

          North or South of the toll road is not the important factor here. Its the low income housing neighborhoods, whichever side of the toll rd they are on that are riddled w/ crime. 2 shootings in Reston in recent memory. One where a young man was killed. That was in Shadowhood. Now this in Colvin Mill Apts. Reston Now does not point this out. Heads buried in sand here.

          • Karen Goff

            That previous shooting was not a random act. It was a drug deal gone bad and it was 18 months ago. Hardly a crime wave and completely irrelevant to this story.

          • Reston Crimewatcher

            Whether or not it was a random act is not pertinent. Was the shooting on Becontree “random”? The issue is the crime in low income housing complexes. It is totally relevant. Your journalistic instincts are lacking.

          • Karen Goff

            Laura. I am busy. And attacking me will get you banned. So keep it up.

          • Reston Crimewatcher

            Questioning a report is not an attack. I’ve been banned before and I’m sure I will be again. The truth is difficult I know, but the fact is that both shootings in recent memory took place in Sec 8 slums. We (taxpayers) subsidize these criminals and I for one will call it out whenever I see it.

          • Guest

            Written like you’ve never seen a real back alley. We (taxpayers) subsidize the poor because we can, and because it is right and proper. Very few of those we help are blue collar criminals. Most work hard to make an honest living. And none of the Section 8 housing in Reston is a slum.

            Can you guess where reported crimes are concentrated in Reston?

          • sad fact

            i think the clown center, as far as “reported crimes” are concerned.

            i would say the “unreported crimes” is a 1000% higher as it deals with illegal drugs and so nobody speaks out.

            This case probably no different. the war on drugs has fighters on both sides, figthers=victims.

          • Guest

            Interesting point of view, but of course unreported crimes are impossible to accurately judge.

            We could dream up %s all day by thinking of how everyone breaks the law all the time. We exceed the speed limit, drive home a little buzzed, hunt on a Sunday, or sell a gift at a garage sale without reporting it as income. Just imagine!

          • Reston Crimewatcher

            No, we subsidize the poor because the government redistributes wealth as they see fit. And if the Sec 8 communities we are discussing are certainly slums. They are filthy dirty & overcrowded w/ working age men & women out all day doing nothing. Drive by if you dare.

          • Why do you bother?

            Bless your heart…

          • Guest

            For clarity’s sake: you can’t see the difference. Bless you for being sheltered, but shame on you for mechanically reacting to signs of relative poverty with fear. Income restricted housing provides opportunity to families and, if you must look at it like a rent seeker, benefits local businesses.

            There will always be people who grow up in relative poverty and reject legitimate opportunity in favor of crime. But there will also always be people who grow up wealthy, who seek to maintain their own isolation, who never understand their advantages, and certainly underestimate how government maintains their community.

          • Why do you bother?

            Calling her “journalistic instincts” into question is a de facto attack. As a former journalist and (current) longtime editor, I can tell you that Karen does a great job of reporting.

          • Reston Crimewatcher

            I beg to differ. I think the site would be so much better if she did not censor the comments to suit her political leanings. Any talk of illegal immigration, crime, or Ken Plum’s liberal lunacy is shut down and deleted. Controversial comments encourage more people to engage and that would be a good thing.

          • VieDeMon

            KG, your patience goes above and beyond. Some folks just need to stir the pot to fill their days.. hey, they were warned!

          • Ming the Merciless

            An infinite number of “random” attacks could occur “randomly” in the vicinity of Section 8 housing and we would never be allowed to notice any non-random pattern in this, because noticing patterns causes FeelBad.

  • Tori_D

    This was actually in the Colvin Woods apartment complex. The FCPD daily blotter gives the location as “11000 block of Becontree Lake Drive.” https://fcpdnews.wordpress.com/2016/09/07/the-daily-blotter-september-7-2016/

    • Karen Goff

      Yes. That’s my error. Fixed now.

      • Reston Crimewatcher

        Jesus Karen…….let us comment.

        • Karen Goff

          Not if you don’t follow the rules. Profanity in your last one. Let’s see if you can post without it.

          • Reston Crimewatcher

            Ming had no profanity. But OK. Its a REALLY BAD neighborhood that is primarily Sec 8 rentals. My son went to Forest Edge years ago ( yes, he was in GT). It was bad then, but has progressively (no pun intended) gotten worse. Why is Reston saddled w/ so much Sec 8 housing? Its bringing me down.

          • Waitwhat

            I live in Colvin Woods Apts, and we are not a sorry lot of Section 8 moochers, People here work everyday, Parking lots empty in the morning and fill back up at night, This shooting business is the only real crime I’ve heard of in 3 years here, Good, solid people occupy these units, We have to pass a credit check and background check to be offered a rental here, and that’s for all adults living in each apartment. Each adult must also be on the lease. Think before you sling insults, please, or call our rental office to inquire about how many Section 8 units are rented out in this complex. My neighbors are quiet, friendly, and helpful.

      • Tori_D

        Thanks, but it appears the address is still not correct. You have “11100 block of Becontree Lane” instead of “11000 block of Becontree Lake Drive.”

        • Karen Goff

          now that’s fixed too. Someday I will be able to read a map. 🙂


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