Now Open: Starbucks at Reston Station

by Karen Goff September 30, 2016 at 2:45 pm 10 Comments

Starbucks at Reston Station

Reston has a new coffee spot and Reston Station has its first full-time retailer.

The Reston Station Starbucks opened on Friday in the ground floor of Comstock’s BLVD apartments.

While Reston Station has Urban Pop, a series of pop-up shops along the plaza at Wiehle-Reston East, this is the first permanent retailer there.

This Starbucks location (there are seven in Reston, not counting inside Target and Safeway) is quite large, with counter seating overlooking the plaza, a meeting nook, couch space and other work areas.

Founding Farmers is still on track to open a restaurant in the space in the next building. Founding Farmers signed a lease last fall, and the sign in the window says “coming late 2016.” However, no interior work has started, so it likely won’t meet that deadline.

Meanwhile, there will be validated parking for Starbucks customers. Visitors who park in the ParkX Garage (first left off of Reston Station Boulevard), then park in retail spaces (take a right up the ramp, take parking ticket and go straight ahead) will get two hours free, Comstock says.



  • RunDMC

    You know what? BOO. I love the diversity of all of the pop up shops in the plaza and enjoy the farmer’s market on Wednesdays- and we could have done a LOT better than putting YET ANOTHER STARBUCKS in a permanent spot at the metro.

    • just saying…

      I agree! (Sips pumpkin spice latte….)

    • Guest

      Passengers might as well enjoy a store that’s made the effort to build out and move in until they get …whatever it is that’s a lot better.

      Chile mocha is a thing?

      • Mike M

        Chile mocha? Relic! That is soooooo early September!

        • Guest

          I’m so not the target market, it’s terrible.

  • Nate_VA

    Now people will get it into their heads that bringing coffee on the Metro is a good idea. I’m not looking forward to the first spilled coffee incident on a packed rush hour train.

    • ZReston

      It’s actually a crime to eat or drink on metro – punishable by fine if caught.

      • Chuck Morningwood

        And when was the last time you saw that enforced?

  • Joh

    Wow….BP and RTC guess what Comstock is offering their customer free 2 hours of parking. Hmmm….
    “Meanwhile, there will be validated parking for Starbucks customers. “

  • New Reston

    More haters and denial. This is what Reston is, and has been for years. A prime market for corporate / national, save for a few larger regional retailers. Any thought of a local, independent coffee shop being able to afford this space is ridiculous.


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