Tuesday Morning Notes

by Karen Goff October 4, 2016 at 9:00 am 8 Comments

Construction in Reston

Reston Recycling Center Closing — The Fairfax County recycling center at the Reston Park & Ride at 2531 Reston Parkway will close on Nov. 1. The county says it is shutting that center, as well as one in Annandale, because it is a target for illegal dumping of old furniture, appliances, and other discarded items. [Fairfax County]

FCPS’ Graduation Rate — Graduation rates released by the Virginia Department of Education show that 92.3 percent of Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) students from the class of 2016 graduated on time, a rate that exceeds the state average of 91.3 percent. A total of 8,722 FCPS students, or 61.9 percent, obtained an advanced studies diploma in 2016, compared to the state average of 51.7 percent. [FCPS]

Food Truck Thursday This Week — Food Truck Thursday returns for its monthly gathering at Reston Town Square Park at Reston Town Center on Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. A variety of food trucks will be on site. Cash and credit cards accepted.

  • cRAzy

    Just a question: How does closing a recycling center improve the likelihood that recyclables (or other trash) will be properly recycled? FC is most likely making the problem worse, not better. Watch for trash along your roadway!

    • Scott H

      People will dump things illegally in or next to a dumpster believing that someone will pick them. It is unlikely they will leave them in a random parking lot.

      • cRAzy

        Key point: They are no more likely to take their refuse to the County waste station than they are now. They will leave it where it’s most convenient.

        • Scott H

          Point one – People will commit plenty of crimes. Doesn’t mean the government should create zones for it to occur.

          Point two – I think you are wrong. Yes, some people will dump illegally no matter what. But there are plenty of others that will rationalize that it’s not as bad because a county worker will deal with it when it’s in/around a county dumpster, but are not likely to leave an old couch or TV on the side of the road.

          • Robert Mowbray

            If you really believe this, volunteer for the next RA sponsored stream cleanup. Also you might want to volunteer to “Adopt-A-Spot” and remove trash from a section of RA trails once every quarter.

          • Scott H

            What does one have to do with the other? People who will dump something in a stream don’t care about a recycling dumpster. Furthermore, if Reston residents are pigs who can’t arrange for their garbage collection to pick something up or drive it to the transfer station, why should it be the responsibility of the county to pick up after us?

  • Adrian Havill

    Here’s an easy fix: stake it out for a month with a cop. Ticket and fine every offender–the revenue from the fines should pay for the stake out. Publicize the number of fines and offenders in the media. It will stop or FC will make profits. Win win.

    • One Really

      Amen! You can divert one of those motorcycle cops that are on FFX county pkwy everyday.


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