Stream erosion near Lake Audubon/Credit: RA

Reston Association has started work on a stream restoration project that will ease erosion and fix exposed sewage pipes in the area behind Cedar Cove cluster.

In the summer of 2015, one of the exposed pipes leaked sewage into Lake Audubon. A quick fix stopped the spill, but RA has since advocated for Fairfax County money since part of the problem is being caused by runoff from South Lakes High School, which sits uphill and across South Lakes Drive from Cedar Cove.

RA says Fairfax County will provide the money for the project, which will cost about $1 million.

Years of runoff have caused eight sewer lines to be exposed, which some residents called an environmental disaster waiting to happen.

Spray paint and flagging tape are now in place marking various points within the stream.

This week, the county’s Watershed Projects Implementation Branch will begin drilling. A drill rig will be brought in between 2242 and 2244 Cedar Cove Court and drive along the tree line (avoiding backyards) to each of the locations to be tested.

A different method of testing is also expected to occur at some points on the Wakerobin Lane side of the creek, officials said.

Want more information? There will be a project kick-off meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 7 p.m. at South Lakes High School, room 150.

Project engineers, along with other officials and Reston Association representatives, will be in attendance.

Photos: Erosion has left pipes exposed near Lake Audubon/Credit: Reston Association.


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