Trump in Herndon: Blasts Military Political Correctness, VA Wait Times

by Karen Goff October 4, 2016 at 10:00 am 18 Comments

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was in Herndon on Monday at an event organized by the Retired American Warriors political action committee.

Some of the highlights:

Trump says cybersecurity has to be a major priority. [CBS]

Trump: Military suicides happen to service members who ‘can’t handle it.’ [CNN]

Trump angers with suggestion that vets with PTSD are weak. [Washington Post]

See the full video above.

  • One Really

    Thanks for getting us know that he was coming. Oh, wait you didn’t.
    You did mention HRC’s brother was at her office opening. You posted about the first lady coming to GMU.
    Seems one would let readers know about the other candidate coming to the area.
    EPIC fail!!!

    • Karen Goff

      This was a private event and the local press was not notified. It was not open to the public, as the other events were, so they were not publicizing his appearance.

      • One Really

        EPIC fail cancelled. 🙂
        As I have mentioned I am not a big Trump supporter, but I dont like the unbalance news about him. If you’re going to quote him or an article read the entire quote.

        “When you talk about the mental health problems, when people come back from war and combat and they see things that maybe a lot of folks in this room have seen many times over and you’re strong and you can handle it but a lot of people can’t handle it. They see horror stories, they see events you couldn’t see in a movie, nobody would believe it,” Trump said Monday, during a panel interview at the Retired American Warriors PAC, in Herndon, Virginia.

        Maybe he doesnt have a silver tongue like the community leader from Chicago, but I understood what he meant.
        As a Vet with PTSD I took no offense.

        • Mike M

          There is no question that the majority of the media is solidly behind Hillary and working for her. Looking back, one reason Trump didn’t implode as expected was because the press could not stop trying to spin his words. He says bad things. He speaks very sloppily. They didn’t need to “interpret!” But when the press tries to demonize the demon and they get busted repeatedly, as you have busted the Post here, it makes him a more sympathetic character. Then there is the fact that he is running against another demon whose deep flaws get pressed over, and it’s transparent.

          • Mookie Taylor

            It is true that almost all major newspapers, including ones that have only endorsed Republicans in the past 100 years, have endorsed Clinton. Nonetheless, the news coverage of Clinton is overwhelmingly negative. At least in the NY Times. Maybe less so in the WaPo. That being said, I do think WaPo has inaccurately portrayed at least some of Trump’s statements in a negative way. I had a feeling this PTSD comment would be in that category and didn’t read the article at first because I figured it was a click-bait. I only read it later after the hype, and I agree that it is a mischaracterization. I can understand why people who are concerned about people not seeking help for PTSD because they don’t want to be perceived as weak would be upset by what Trump said. But certainly he did not show any lack of respect for people with PTSD.

          • Mike M

            Trump shows no respect for anything but Trump. So, why do they act on their compulsion to spin? It’s so transparent it fuels support for trump. Trump is presented with overwhelming bias against him. Clinton gets many a pass. The most egregious case was when she collapsed and many outlets refused to print anything but her campaigns initial lies, even after they were “adjusted.” Even after they realized they were burnt by the lies about her health the previous Friday.

          • One Really

            “including ones that have only endorsed Republicans in the past 100 years”
            You mean the 1 in Detriot. That doesn’t really qualify as ones. It would be ONE.

          • Adrian Havill

            Or the one in Arizona. And Dallas,

          • Guest

            Naw dude. Press has drawn out the close race narrative as far as they can to drive interest. If staffers manage to confiscate Trump’s latest burner phone they might even keep him on point and believing in victory until the Mitter end.

          • Mike M

            We don’t agree. There is no question of media bias. Just this morning on WTOP I heard “coverage” of the debate last night. It consisted of recordings of Kaine slamming Pence and Trump – NOTHING the other way around. This is routine. People are seeing through it. Only diehard L-words can’t see it.

          • One Really

            Man, I couldn’t agree more. All I heard and read this morning was about Kaine.
            I watched the entire debate and really thought Pence handled him.
            If Kaine was Trump they would spin about how he lost control and was constanting cutting interrupting.
            If Clinton wins in 2016. I really hope Pence runs in 2020. I really like him after last night.

          • Mike M

            I remain frustrated with the GOP ability to tear into the Dems for their glaring weaknesses. They could change the national dialogue if they could. But instead they always look surprised at the same old divisive falsehoods about race, class, and giving away free stuff. I swear, I could do it!

          • Guest

            On the contrary, I agree. There is definitely media bias. However, specific bias varies depending on the source.

            For example, here’s a mid August analysis of bias in almost 20,000 written articles that mention the candidates. Spoiler: specific bias varies depending on the source. Press mention Trump more often, but that’s part of his approach.

            To counter your anecdote: there’s plenty of media coverage saying that Pence won a decisive victory at the debate.

          • Mike M

            Trump gets lots of press. I covered that. It’s mostly negative and interpretative of his already odd commentary.

          • Guest

            True, but as shown in the linked analysis, negative Trump coverage is balanced by negative Clinton coverage from different sources (Fox, WSJ, Weekly Standard, Politico).

            Fact checkers have clearly critiqued all candidates. Some claims are just less honest than others.

          • Mike M

            Even the fact checks are biased.

          • Guest

            Also true! There are conservative fact checks which only criticize statements by the Democrat candidates. Clearly biased.

  • LakeAnne Resident

    . . . I thought I sensed a great disturbance in the The Force.


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