County Officials Urge State to Honor School Funding Commitments

by Ryan Moore November 3, 2016 at 2:45 pm 19 Comments

fcps logoThe Fairfax County Board of Supervisors is again urging Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) and the General Assembly delegation not to eliminate up to $12.2 million in salary increases for teachers.

Concerned that the governor’s office will propose these cuts before the delegation when they meet in mid-December, county leaders sent letters to both on Monday, asking the state to honor its commitments.

The letters are in response to McAuliffe’s already proposed $4.4 million cut from the state’s FY17 budget — and a potential $7.8 million cut from the FY18 budget — to be included in his 2016-2018 biennium budget amendments.

“The lower amount of expected state funding stems from a $266 million negative balance in Virginia’s fiscal 2016 budget, which McAuliffe’s administration attributed to lower-than-expected payroll and sales-tax receipts”, according to a Washington Post article in July.

Although state funding represents less than 20 percent of the total cost to implement a two percent salary increase for teachers, it is an important part of the county’s school budget equation, the letters said.

Despite any decrease in funding from the state, county school officials say they will find a way to honor its overall promise of $40 million in teacher raises for FY17. However, it’s unclear how they will raise funds beyond an already adopted plan to increase property taxes by an average $304 per year.

“The Commonwealth of Virginia ranks in the top 10 nationally for income, but the bottom 10 for school funding,” said Board Chairman, Sharon Bulova (D), in a press release attached to the letters.

Officials also requested that the governor and GA delegation decelerate funding of the Virginia Retirement System in order to make it easier for both localities and the state to balance their budgets in FY18. This would save the county over $25 million while retaining its commitment to future solvency of the state’s retirement system, according to the letters.

  • No offense

    Under mcdonnel we had a surplus…

  • Under McDonnell we had a mess. and now someone has to pay the piper.
    Virginia is facing a financial crisis never experienced before. Virginia is the most dependent on federal spending in the country and the rooster is coming home to roost. This is just the beginning. This governor is just trying to hold things together to turn it over to to a Rep and that person will get credit.

    • Kool Aid served hot

      Maybe lets not rely so much on military spending. We have the same GDP as Malta and Malta purely lives off tourism. Also, we have a healthy tech sector that could even be healthier…

      I know you like tax increases better, but maybe lets look at cutting taxes. One of the reasons why Germany is doing so well is because their corporate income tax is 15%, whereas the reat of EU is 30%+

      I think you know where this is going.

      • Mike M

        Wow! Where to begin? Our GDP is waaaay higher than Malta. Our GDP per capita is about double that of Malta. So, . . . way wrong facts.

        A country the size of Malta can specialize in something like tourism, but that risky. You sink or swim with your chosen sector. The US could NEVER specialize in one sector.

        • Kool Aid served hot

          I compared Virginia against Malta. This is about VA right?

          • Mike M

            Yes. And I get your basic point about overly high tax rates and diversification and agree. But the GDP of Virginia is about $400B. Malta’s is about $11B.

    • Mike M

      So, Ken Plum has no accountability. Always blaming the last person from the other party is Loserville.

      • Well I Would say that Ken Plum has a lot of accountability. He is not out begging and promising just to get money for himself.. He votes his convictions and does not sell himself or Virginia out.
        The ramification of McDonnell are yet to be felt.including a coming disaster in transportation funding. One part of the new transportation funding is a 3.5% tax on the whole price of gasoline. Guess what the price of crude oil is now $50 per barrel and it was $100 a barrel when the new tax was put in. So the bottom may drop out and the gasoline companies will be happy. And McDonnell added large real estate taxes to fund roads etc. but the whole McDonnell plan is a house of cards due to fall.

        • Mike M

          It’s Ken’s job to make sure we are well-represented in Richmond – and not fleeced by the good ole boys. Ken has the clout ($ and staying power), but he simply cannot get the job done. Sending Ken to Richmond is like sending a poodle to a pit bull party.

          • Ken represents the people of Reston and they have reelected him again and again over 30 years. So lots of people like him and vote for him too. If you do not like him run against him and do the job if you get elected.

          • Mike M

            You are coming along, JW. Yes, he can count upon re-election. Here’s the part you’re not getting: It doesn’t seem to matter how ineffective he is.

    • Restontomorrow

      So “paid the piper”. “Coming home to roost”. Some great arguments there. I think federal funding has greatly hurt Virginia and the state needs to reduce spending. I don’t think I will be partisan like yourself over it.

  • meh

    Time to cut back on “free” services offered by school system. Make families who require ESL, Special Needs, or Gifted Programs, pay for it.

    • Ming the Merciless

      Now, now, the people who “need” all those services were brought here to vote for Democrats and to have “needs” that require employing Democrats. They were not brought here to pay for anything, oh my word no. That’s our job.

      • Guest

        Barefaced lies. C’mon son.

        • Mike M

          No. Unpleasant realities. Democrats engage in such race baiting activities as “using” Eric Garner” and gaming immigration. It’s quite out in the open now.

          • Guest

            Good luck redefining both reality and honest dictionary definitions.

      • Chuck Morningwood

        Because, you know, nobody with Special Needs was actually born in Fairfax County. They’re all just transplants from Gooch and Albemarle counties.

  • 30yearsinreston

    No guesses why they need the meals tax
    Of Plum can’t do the job, don’t expect taxpayers to bail him out

    Get on the clintonistas case


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