Reston Association CEO Reflects on 2016

by Jennifer van der Kleut December 14, 2016 at 2:45 pm 11 Comments

Cate Fulkerson/RAReston Association CEO Cate Fulkerson has submitted a report to the Board of Directors looking back on 2016 and what she said were several “strategic accomplishments” made by the organization.

Fulkerson prefaced her annual report with a short message, remarking on what a busy time it is as winter approaches.

“There is much going in the organization at this time of year as we prepare our facilities for the cold winter months, respond to resident questions about the annual Assessment, and prepare for the 2017 program and services season,” she wrote.

Fulkerson then detailed a long list of achievements that she said took “a great deal of planning, collaboration and innovative thinking” on the part of directors, committees and staff to complete.

The report includes her reflections on the:

New capital projects management process. The managing of capital projects and funding has become a hot-button issue the past couple of years. Fulkerson praised the new process the RA board received in July. The plan consists of better ways to “plan, seek bids for, and track capital improvement projects undertaken annually,” including new processes for budget planning, expense tracking and forming detailed schedules, she said.

Roadways and lighting work. Fulkerson pointed out how crews worked over the spring and summer to service all 125 miles of curb throughout Reston, cleaning out the gutters and clearing curbs of debris. “With many years of unchecked growth, this edging work was done by hand,” she said, along with weeding and curb-side sweeping. In addition, a new Pedestrian Lighting Working Group was established this year to seek out bids to design a Comprehensive Lighting Plan that would prioritize safe lighting of all paths, walkways, transit areas and outdoor recreation areas throughout Reston.

Launch of the new RecTrac web system. The RA upgraded its online storefront from the long-standing Marketplace system to the new WebTrac system. All in one place, residents can register for programs, rent community buildings and pavilions, and purchase pool and tennis passes. Fulkerson said the new system is more user-friendly, and all staff have received extensive training on the new system. “[WebTrac] is one of the leading activity registration programs in the country, and will be a familiar interface for many of our members as several neighboring organizations in Fairfax and Loudoun County also use the system,” Fulkerson said. “[It] will provide easier navigation, a shorter registration process, and faster pass renewal process moving forward.”

Ethics. Fulkerson pointed out that a task force was formed this year to work with a consultant from Quantum Governance to develop a formal Code of Ethics for the association.

Opening of the Lake House. Though the purchase and renovation budget of the Lake House were mired in a certain amount of controversy, Fulkerson praised the opening of the RA’s newest facility. “In the fall, the Lake House Working Group, in collaboration with RA staff, hosted a very successful open house of the facility with over 650 in attendance during two day period,” she said.

Fulkerson’s entire report is available in the RA meeting report packet for tomorrow.

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  • dudewe

    The RA CEO should get the “Spinmeister award of the year award.” And then she should fall on her sword and resign for probably causing RA’s greatest financial crisis since its founding….

    • Bob Stinson


    • Ming the Merciless

      Yes but she created a new “process” — she spent our money in order to hire more people in order to do her job. But then if the new people actually do her job competently, that might be a net plus since she is apparently incapable of it herself.

  • Robert Chambliss

    Talk about ethics……here is a copy of my resignation letter to RA from 3-4 weeks ago…..it is also confirmed that Cate (RA CEO) stands behind the covenants directors misbehavior’s……

    Please accept this email as my formal letter of resignation from my Senior Covenants Advisor position. Effective immediately. I apologize in advance for not providing adequate notice. There are two reasons for this. I appreciate everything you have taught me during my 4 ½ years with RA. As a 35 year Resident of Reston, I appreciate everything Reston is and will continue to be. It is unfortunate the Covenant Departments Director (Anna Varone) has a direct impact on my decision to leave.
    First reason is for health reasons. Severe increase in blood pressure, stress, anxiety, etc……the list goes on.
    Second reason is for the direct actions taken by the Director of Covenants for Reston Association Ms. Anna Varone. To include immoral, unethical, preferential acts that I believe should lead to her resignation.
    • Directs staff to limit the number of panel applications on a panel agenda for meetings consisting of Graham, John, and Linda, due to “their incapacity to make a decision, and because they take forever and I’m tired”
    • Directs staff to not schedule certain applications during certain panel meeting makeups
    • Disrespects DRB and Board members with verbally abusive comments in front of staff (these people are my neighbors as a Reston resident) Makes for a sour atmosphere and uncomfortable
    • Same as above but with internal departments and specific people (Directors should be setting examples)
    • Bribing employees with paid days off to do projects
    • Directing staff to only suggest products to residents from Lowes only (specifically not Home Depot)
    • Inconsistent internal policy preferential treatment
    • Advising staff to not cite a covenants violation for drainage based on the opinion of a landscaper who visited the property without authorization or notification with no complaint on record or reason to inspect (11903 Triple Crown). Was told to cite for design only so resident couldn’t appeal.
    This is a small list. I wish the Covenants Department luck in the future under the direction of Ms Anna Varone.

    The above can be proven through documentation……….RC

    • Robert Chambliss

      also, if you have received an NOV (notice of violation) through the county from RA……….I would contest it based on whether or not the violation was within a fenced yard. If it was based on a violation within a fenced yard , front or back, I would contest it and/or class action lawsuit against RA.

  • UglyTruth

    In plain english, paid for the lake hut by cutting aquatic programs.

    • livedinrestonsince66

      not happy about cuts to aquatics. I hope they find a way to suck it up so they don’t have to close pools or cut more hours

      • Ming the Merciless

        That way is called “charge us more money”.

        • cRAzy

          Where U been, Ming? miss Ur comments even when I disagree with them!

          …and don’t tell me you got a life….

  • Greg

    Only in Reston would one gloat about “…service all 125 miles of curb throughout Reston.” Not even our job — that’s VDOT property.

    Cate Fulkerson needs to be fired.

    And the dumb cluck Fulkerson should crack down on VDOT and Dominion to fix, maintain and upgrade the street and pathway lighting we already pay for.

  • cRAzy

    another effin’ tightly spun press release! Get a reporter who is worth a crap!


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