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VDOT Preparing Roads for Possible Snowfall

by Tim Regan December 14, 2016 at 4:30 pm 2 Comments

Snow on Reston Parkway/Credit: Ed Schudel via TwitterRoad crews throughout the area are preparing for snow.

The National Weather Service said today the area could see some lightly accumulating snow between 10 p.m. tonight and 2 a.m. tomorrow morning.

In anticipation of the possible snowflakes, The Virginia Department of Transportation says it’s preparing area roads for wintry weather tonight through the weekend.

From a VDOT press release:

Crews are taking advantage of conditions today and Thursday to treat roads with anti-icing materials in northern Virginia, in anticipation of low temperatures through the rest of week and the potential for wintry precipitation over the weekend.

Throughout Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William and Arlington* counties (*Arlington maintains own secondary roads) crews treat about 5,200 lane miles with liquid magnesium chloride or brine in advance of winter weather. This includes interstate, primary and high-volume secondary road roads, particularly ramps, bridges, and other critical areas prone to freezing.

The Virginia Department of Transportation asks drivers to keep an eye on the forecast for freezing conditions and precipitation. Before venturing out this weekend, VDOT reminds drivers to fill their gas tanks, slow down, to be aware of potential slick spots such as shaded areas and bridges, and to use the following resources:

  • Check http://www.511virginia.org/ or the 511 mobile app before you go for traffic conditions and lane closures
  • Follow @VaDOTNOVA on Twitter
  • Visit www.virginiadot.org/ novaemergency for the latest updates and resources from VDOT in northern Virginia
  • Get more details on snow removal in northern Virginia

This is also the perfect time to place or update an emergency kit in your car. Recommended items include:

  • Water and food
  • Shovel
  • Ice scraper/brush
  • Gloves and boots
  • Phone charger
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Flares
  • Ice melt/cat litter

More information at: www.ready.gov/car

See any snowy conditions or bad traffic? Let us know via email or Twitter.

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  • Robert Chambliss

    Please accept this email as my formal letter of resignation from my Senior Covenants Advisor position. Effective immediately. I apologize in advance for not providing adequate notice. There are two reasons for this. I appreciate everything you have taught me during my 4 ½ years with RA. As a 35 year Resident of Reston, I appreciate everything Reston is and will continue to be. It is unfortunate the Covenant Departments Director (Anna Varone) has a direct impact on my decision to leave.
    First reason is for health reasons. Severe increase in blood pressure, stress, anxiety, etc……the list goes on.
    Second reason is for the direct actions taken by the Director of Covenants for Reston Association Ms. Anna Varone. To include immoral, unethical, preferential acts that I believe should lead to her resignation.
    • Directs staff to limit the number of panel applications on a panel agenda for meetings consisting of Graham, John, and Linda, due to “their incapacity to make a decision, and because they take forever and I’m tired”
    • Directs staff to not schedule certain applications during certain panel meeting makeups
    • Disrespects DRB and Board members with verbally abusive comments in frnt of staff (these people are my neighbors as a Reston resident) Makes for a sour atmosphere and uncomfortable
    • Same as above but with internal departments and specific people (Directors should be setting examples)
    • Bribing employees with paid days off to do projects
    • Directing staff to only suggest products to residents from Lowes only (specifically not Home Depot)
    • Inconsistent internal policy preferential treatment
    • Advising staff to not cite a covenants violation for drainage based on the opinion of a landscaper who visited the property without authorization or notification with no complaint on record or reason to inspect (11903 Triple Crown). Was told to cite for design only so resident couldn’t appeal.
    This is a small list. I wish the Covenants Department luck in the future under the direction of Ms Anna Varone.

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