Reston, VA

Tuesday Morning Notes

Morning Notes - Winter

Snow Removal Efforts Highlighted in Video — In its latest “Reston Today” dispatch, Reston Association shined a spotlight on the work done by its maintenance crews to clean up snowfall. [Reston Association/YouTube]

NAACP President Stresses Value of Equality — The current political climate of the nation is a reminder that “all man are created equal” is still to many just words on paper, says new Fairfax County NAACP President Kofi Annan. [Fairfax County Times]

County Firefighters Offer Tips for Winter Months — More than 900 people in the United States die in home fires each winter, according to information shared by Fairfax County Fire and Rescue. With that in mind, officials are providing information regarding how to keep your home safe during this season. [Fairfax County Fire and Rescue]


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