Cosmetics Store Origins to Close Its Reston Town Center Location

by Dave Emke January 23, 2017 at 1:30 pm 29 Comments

Origins will close the doors of its cosmetics store in Reston Town Center (11932 Market St.) later this week.

An employee at the shop Monday morning told Reston Now the store’s last day would be Wednesday. However, she said, no one at the store would give any further information about the decision. Signage in place at the store indicates that it is going out of business and that “everything must go.”

In a recent interview with Reston Connection, manager Mary Tisi said the store has been seeing a decline in business and paid parking was the “nail in the coffin.”

Paid parking began at Reston Town Center in early January and public response has been very critical.

A Reston Now reader who sent an anonymous email about the announcement said it is upsetting news.

“[This is] very sad, as I have been a customer at this Origins location for 15 years,” the reader said.

  • ParkingValidator

    Behold the elite experience that Boston Properties provides to all those that gather at the Reston Town Center.

    • Rhawnhurst

      The elite experience will be to be able to walk down a block in RTC totally unencumbered by other people getting in your way. You’ll be able to walk into an empty restaurant, and be immediately seated, and have a server who will give all their attention to you.

      • Arms

        Totally agree that corporate greed will limit RTC to the elite, hope they enjoy themselves. I will not patronize until paid parking is reversed. I feel bad for the businesses that are impacted but they are the ones in the end who will decide to relocate and allow Boston properties to attempt to lure other businesses to lease overpriced space to.

        • RC

          I share your sentiments and plan to continue to tell everyone I can – in neighborhood listserves, social media review sites such as Yelp, and comments sections such as this one – that it’s entirely possible to eat and shop elsewhere without being gouged for parking. Boston Properties screwed up and their unwillingness to admit their mistake should cost them dearly.

  • Joe Heflin

    This will be the sixth vacant store in Town Center not counting the temporary popups.

    • McMike

      They’ll actually be the 7th. BRB just closed yesterday.

      • ah

        Damn! Maybe now only rich people and businesses that cater to them will be at RTC. It used to be a place for all demographics.

    • Generic User

      While it may be true that RTC is losing business to other shopping alternatives in the area, it is safe to assume that patronage has been down due to the implementation of paid parking even before it actually started. Remember, it was supposed to start in September and was delayed twice, so I am sure there were many people that thought it was already in effect at X-mas time; hence, the 50% drop in business at Origins. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of the shops saw a trimming of sales starting last fall.

    • A lot more vacancies are coming because of several factors including a freeze on federal hiring and the looming recession being predicted by Mark Cuban and many others. So BP must be looking down the road to a new growth nationally and with the opening of the RTC Metro station and the METRO to Dulles being completed to an entirely new RTC. But . hard times are coming.

  • Adam Smith

    By age 25, Origins has helped to plant over 500,000 trees.

    By age 1, RTC managed to kill off six stores and scare off 1000s of customers.

    • ah

      By age 1?

  • cRAzy

    The slow self-strangulation of RTC continues unabated.

    • JoeInReston

      Given some of the anecdotes I have been hearing, slow may be inaccurate!

  • Areyou

    This is sad news, but not surprising. I haven’t been to RTC since paid parking began and don’t plan to go back. What a shame!!!!

  • June Smith

    Boston Properties is squeezing out all the Mom & Pop shops and to replace them with national chains. The problem with this plan is that Tysons and Fair Oaks Mall (which both offer free parking) already have most of the major trains established in these malls.

    Such a shame – it’s the Mom & Pop shops that gives the Town Center it’s character

    • ah

      They have been squuezing out mom and pops. In the late nineties/early two thousands it had one of the best family-own samdwich/ice creAm shops.

  • Interesting view Saturday afternoon. Sitting out in front of Starbucks drinking a cup of coffee I noted a security person walking down the street and stopping to look at each parked car. He pulled out a hand held machine with a printer and printed off a piece of paper and put it on the front window of every other parked car. AS I walked back up Market Street it seemed that half of the parked cards had a ticket on it. I thought that Saturdays and Sundays were to be free?l

    • I think street parking is only free on Sundays. The garages are free on Saturday and Sunday plus during events.

      • They have signs up saying free parking Saturday and Sunday?

        • “Street parking is free on Sundays (from 12:00 a.m. Sunday through 12:00 a.m. Monday).” https://www.restontowncenter.com/parking/parking-faq/ The sign must be for the garages – “Garage parking on weekends (from 12:00 a.m. Saturday through 12:00 a.m. Monday) are free, as are major holidays and premier events.”

          • The sign was on Market street and I was not on any other street. Sounds like a shake and bake to me.

          • Agreed. And it is weird that street parking is only free on Sunday. Guess it’s considered to be premium spaces.

          • noodmik
          • noodmik
          • Joe Heflin

            But there is more: there are signs which have the “note” above them which says that the first 15 minutes are free. Question: does this ONLY apply to the space that the specific sign is above? Or does it apply to the entire row of spaces?

            Am I correct: under the Terms and Conditions it mentions North Carolina. Does this mean that contesting any ticket involves travelling to a North Carolina court? How many of the 40,000 who have downloaded the App have actually read the Terms and Conditions? I’ve never seen anything like them for parking my car. The legalese is breathtaking.

            Is someone really going to use Town Center and all of the process and complications of this and the App or are they just going somewhere/anywhere else where they can park their car and go about their business without fear of what the future might bring?

          • ah
  • Generic User

    While paid parking probably played a part in Jackson’s lack of business, I still think it was mostly because they took the Hickory Grilled Chicken dish off their menu. Bring it back, Jackson’s!!!!

  • Edward Calvert

    So what else is new? The Sith lords are going to destroy RTC to prove a point ? Hey, there wasn’t any unemployment on Alder an lol


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