There Will Be Four New Reston Association Board Members in April

by Dave Emke January 31, 2017 at 1:30 pm 11 Comments

Reston Association/Credit: RAFour positions on the Reston Association Board of Directors will be up for vote in this spring’s election, and the names of the candidates have been released.

No incumbents for those seats are on the list.

Up for vote for three-year terms are an at-large seat currently held by Jeff Thomas; the Hunters Woods/Dogwood District seat, currently held by Lucinda Shannon; and the apartment owners’ seat, currently held by board president Ellen Graves.

Graves has reached her two-term limit. Neither Thomas nor Shannon, who are each coming to the end of their first term, applied for re-election.

The North Point District seat currently held by Danielle LaRosa will also be up for vote. LaRosa was elected in 2016 but will resign at the end of her first year. The person elected to fill the seat will serve the remaining two years on the existing term.

Candidates for the seats on the nine-person board are as follows:

At-Large Director (3-year term)
Roberto Anguizola
Eric Carr
Mike Collins
Charles Dorfeuille
Ven Iyer
HeidiAnne Werner

Hunters Woods/Dogwood District Director (3-year term)
Syazana Durrani
Victoria White

North Point District Director (2-year term)
Arlene Krieger
John Mooney
Don Wright

Apartment Owners’ Representative (3-year term)
David Bobzien
Hank Schonzeit
Kevin Witt

More information about each candidate is available at the Reston Association website.

As defined by Reston Association, the board is responsible for the following:

· Determining the long-range mission and goals of the association
· Establishing RA policies and procedures
· Monitoring finances, approving budgets and setting the annual assessment rate

The deadline for potential candidates to file was Jan. 27. Candidates have until Friday to withdraw their applications, according to Mike Leone, RA communications director.

Votes will be cast by residents between March 6 and April 3. Election winners will be announced at the RA board’s April 11 meeting, with the new board to be sworn in the following day.

  • 30yearsinreston

    Time to put in someone who works for residents and not realtor/developers

  • Greg

    Fairfax County owns more rental units in Reston than anyone else:

    Board of Supervisors and the Redevelopment and Housing Authority, which between them own 699 apartment units in Reston. These units pay neither federal, state or local income nor property taxes.

  • Karma ripe as peaches

    That is four candidates less than in 2015. Also, LaRosa is calling it quits and Shannon is not interested in re-election – both were, in my opinion, very good for Reston.

    Meanwhile candidate Charles Dorfeuille is back in the saddle, hoping not to disappoint! Ven Iyer however is the only one concerned about high service fees.
    Krieger wants to stop the developers from running our town!
    Many qualified candidates, all of them using the right words to appeal as community organizers. I wonder how they deal with the ambiguity that RA presents, and how they can make the board function as an extension of the “community”.
    Will there be debate sessions? Can we make voting easier than it currently is?

  • cRAzy

    I smell a Democratic Party (ie–Cathy Hudgins) effort to take control of RA. Bobzien is the former county asst. DA forced out after not disclosing investigative information. Mike Collins has been a Connolly staffer and lacky for years.

    We don’t need that crap in Reston. We need people who care about the community, not Hudgins, the Democrats (or the Republicans), and certainly not the damn county that has been trying to soak us with taxes.

  • RestonWatcher

    Bobzien candidacy is an likely an attempt by Supervisor Hudgins to take control of RA Board. Since only apartment building owners vote for this seat, his selection to the Board is a foregone conclusion. Is RA Presidecy then his for the taking?

    • John Farrell

      NO, the presidency of RA is voted by the Board members.

      Its very unusual for the Apartment Owners rep to be the President.

      • Conservative Senior

        Graves (RA President) was/is the Apartment owners rep. Is that why density has dramatically increased & almost all new residential construction are rentals.

  • John Farrell

    David Bobzein, have you no shame?

    After stonewalling the investigation of the murder of John Geer by Officer Torres for months, you have no credibility to clean up the ethical mess that is the Tetra fiasco.

    After leading the County’s attempt to take 10 acres of open space deeded by Mobil Land to benefit Reston’s citizens in order to build County edifices, can anyone trust you to participate in executive sessions of Reston Association’s Board of Directors regarding that land.

    Cathy Hudgins, do you really think appointing this ethically challenged County crony to subjugate RA members’ interests to those of the County’s overbearing bureaucracy is acting in the best interest of Restonians?

  • Rational Reston

    Please read the info sheet carefully. Watch out for key words like “Bob Simon’s vision” because that means “keep hiking assessments and cutting programs for the many in favor pet projects for the few.”


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