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Planning Commission Hearing Scheduled for Luxury Condo Proposal

by Dave Emke January 31, 2017 at 2:45 pm 23 Comments

A public hearing on a proposed condominium high rise across Reston Parkway from the Town Center has been tentatively scheduled for this fall.

1801 Old Reston Avenue, currently the 1.51-acre home of a three-story office building, has been proposed by property owner Renaissance Centro as the site of a 20-story high rise with up to 150 living units. Of those units, 126 would be market-rate and 24 would be workforce dwelling.

The condos would represent the first for-sale living units in or near Reston Town Center since 2007, Washington Business Journal reports.

The property’s website touts that the building “will feature well-appointed units and elegant amenity areas.” Among the amenities listed are a grand lobby, a resident lounge and party room, a fitness center, and a rooftop amenity package.

According to the proposal, the building would be a maximum height of 254 feet, inclusive of a mechanical rooftop penthouse.

The Old Reston Avenue property is flanked by The Harrison to the north and Stratford House to the south, both of which were also built by Renaissance Centro. The company also built the nearby Carlton House.

The property would need to be rezoned from commercial to planned residential mixed-use. The real-estate development company recently filed a rezoning application with the county.

According to the Fairfax County website, the public hearing before the county Planning Commission has been tentatively scheduled for Sept. 28.

  • Reston is changing!! And living there will not prevent one from walking over to the Town Center.

    • 30yearsinreston

      If they don’t get run over by the traffic
      Have you seen the congestion since Harrison opened up?
      Traffic is backed up on temporary road all the way to North shore drive

      • Greg

        And the parking on North Shore…yet another tobacco road

      • Maybe there should be a traffic light at Temporary Road and North Shore? But no question traffic is going to get much worse with this but so is Arlington these days.
        Walking to the TC is much worse but very doable these days. Easier than driving over and parking in the TC.The TC has changed the parking rules. Free parking on Market Street is limited to Sundays according to the newest posts.

        • Conservative Senior

          Who cares about Arlington. We are concerned with the assault on Reston homeowners by RA & the BOS. They think we are their cash cow.

          • Some know that the TC is the cash cow. 4,000 housing units with all the real estate taxes and no streets to maintain, and few if any addition of kids in school. Boy what a cash cow for Fairfax County…

  • Richard

    Would the owners pay RA dues?

    • Greg

      Yes, they better. That property is in the RA-deed area.

      • Conservative Senior

        They might not. The Stratford condo developement next door is not part of RA.

        • Greg

          Oh, that’s interesting. Is Stratford part of the Reston Town Center Association?

          I recall reading that the Harrison, on the other side of Temporary Road, is part of RA.

          • 30yearsinreston

            Harrison are rental units
            Stratford is not

          • Greg

            But what does that have to do with whether they are RA members or not?

          • I think that the Stratford and Carlton House were built being part of the RTC Association. But The Harrison and the 1801 commercial building are not part of the RTC Association. So the Harrison is most likely part of RA.and so would this new condo building unless R Centro asks for an exception.

  • Greg

    PS — the WBJ article added some details: “…[T]he new building will be in harmony with other high-rises located across from Reston Town Center… It also will “evoke connections to some of Reston’s earliest architecturally significant structures,” such as the Heron House tower at Lake Anne Plaza and the Marcel Breuer-designed American Press Institute headquarters, which was recently razed to make way for townhouses.

    Just say no to another Brutalist bunker!

    • RestonRed

      Agreed! Those two buildings are/we’re ugly! Lake Anne is concrete damp darkness. The reason Reston is growing is not 60s architecture. Let this high rise fit in well with the other modern buildings, not some concrete bunker.

      • 30yearsinreston

        It will be in Reston Beige with Orange fascia

        • Greg

          I guess the verdigris / green of the first RTC is out of fashion now…oh, but wait — that’s overseen by a different DRB.

    • 30yearsinreston

      They will build another monstrosity in Reston Beige – just like Harrison

  • 30yearsinreston

    Since the Harrison apartments were opened the traffic on Temporary Road backs up all the way to North shore drive. The blocking of one lane by a bus just makes it worse
    A bus bay should have been demanded from the developer
    It is almost impossible to turn into Temporary Road from Old reston avenue
    The other end at the 7-11 is jammed by commuters going into Oracle which has closed one lane with all the construction of new towers
    Spending a minimum amount on turn lanes to facilitate access to these buildings is not enough of a developer contribution

    • Mike M

      In all likelihood, if Hudgins and Bulova extracted proffers it was diverted to some sort of “social justice garden” mixed in with some low income unit mandate. Nothing functional whatsoever.

    • amytales

      I completely agree. The new building, combined with the condos just across Reston Parkway, are going to put a tremendous strain on a couple of those intersections. The addition of the Harrison apartments was bad enough with the added traffic. Oracle commuters in the shared straight and right turn lane in front of the 7-11 block the ability of others to turn right onto Sunset Hills on red, and the light at that intersection takes forever to turn green.

  • BJ

    Isn’t it time to just say “no”?

  • 30yearsinreston

    Will “Old” Reston Avenue will be the first Virginia Byway with a skyscraper on it


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