Sunrise Square Cluster Approved for Membership in Reston Association

by Dave Emke February 27, 2017 at 11:30 am 7 Comments

Sunrise Square plan/Reston Association

At its meeting last week, the RA Board of Directors unanimously approved the addition of a planned Sunrise Valley Drive community into Reston Association.

Sunrise Square developmentSunrise Square, at the site of the former American Press Institute headquarters (11690 Sunrise Valley Drive), is being developed by Sekas Homes. Its plans consist of 34 townhouses and 10 condos.

A public hearing on the addition of property request was held Jan. 26, at which time the board determined comments from the community warranted further discussion.

With its membership in RA, Sunrise Square will be subject to various terms and conditions, including:

  • The entire property will be subject to the Reston Deed
  • The establishment of a cluster association — Sunrise Square
  • Full payment, per unit of the RA annual assessment
  • The grant of a fee simple dedication for RA common area or easement for RA common area (use and maintenance)

“I think this is a no-brainer,” said Jeff Thomas, At-Large director, prior to the vote. “I think it’s a good investment in Reston, because it provides us a foothold in all the development that’s going to happen around there, and it’s going to help create more contiguous properties that we can tie amenities into.”

The property is located in the corridor that was originally part of the Reston Center for Industry and Government (RCIG).

“We’re injecting residential where it was never planned,” said John McBride, RA’s land-use attorney. “In order to keep Reston Reston, it needs to be subjected to the Reston covenants through a supplemental declaration, and the new residents should be RA members.”

Sunrise Square plan illustration via Reston Association

  • Djenghis Khan

    Wow, the winds of fortune blew out way!!!

    44 units x $700= roughly 50k

    With this kind of income we can add the old distillery building to our portfolio!!! We have enough for a downpayment and in the mean time we could rent out the building to kids so they can peddle lemonade on the W&OD.

    And dont forget to vote for Djenghis Khan in the upcoming RA election.

    • Rational Reston

      Yep with an extra $50k lining RA’s pockets in a few years, they can increase annual spending by $100k today! #RAMath

  • JoeInReston

    This is great for Reston. More revenues to support RA’s programs.

    Is this move good for the residents of Sunrise Square Cluster?

    Take two families –

    Family A lives in a RA supporting cluster. They pay $692 annually.

    Family B lives in Reston at a cluster that has not joined the RA (this may only be a hypothetical). They pay the RA $530 annually for non member access to Reston pools and tennis.

    Family A pays $162 more per year. What additional benefits does Family A receive for being members of the Reston Association that Family B does not receive?

    • Greg

      Isn’t that how it works at Deepwood? Reston address, but no RA assessments?

      • Deepwood rep

        Yup and I love it!

  • Leslie Ashby

    Curious to know which local pool this new development will use. Newbridge? It is closest, but walkability is somewhat challenging as residents will have to cross busy Sunrise. Are there plans for a new pool on the “other side” of Sunrise? Or new pedestrian crossing to connect this development to other clusters across the street?


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