Friday Morning Notes

by Dave Emke March 10, 2017 at 9:00 am 3 Comments

Morning Notes - Lake Thoreau

Have Coffee with a Cop — The Herndon Police Department is inviting community members out to Virginia Kitchen (450 Elden St.) on Monday morning for coffee and conversation. [Herndon Police Department/Facebook]

Metro Rate Hikes Get Approval — As expected, the Metro Finance Committee voted Thursday to increase rates and reduce rush-hour service. The Board will make the final vote March 23 on what would be Metro’s first rate hike in three years. [WTOP]

County Seeking Input on New Website — As Fairfax County has plans to update its website, it is inviting feedback from the community in the process. The county has devised four example pages of possible new designs, as well as surveys to find out what is most important to users. [Fairfax County]

Local Artist’s Work Displayed at NYC Gallery — The art of Herndon-based Lisa Tureson is being exhibited at New York’s Touchstone Gallery through April 2. “Scribbles” was inspired by street art in Denmark. [Reston Connection]

  • Mike M

    I am convinced that the bedrock problem with Metro is the workforce. I think until they can execute a blood transfusion, the solution to every problem will look like more money and decreased service levels. Even the shutdowns were a waste of time because the workforce didn’t do their jobs. This has been a costly case study in the dysfunction of unions. If the union was worth an ounce of salt to anyone but itself, they would want the same. We are on a trajectory where this union parasite will destroy the host upon which it feeds.

    • Moon Lotus

      Apparently you dont know anything about the rail cars being used. A wide variety a mfg and refurbishments coming from Italy, Spain and the USA – then what appears to be a technologically incompatible 7000 series. I am not a mechanical engineer but I trust Italians,.Spaniards and Americans mostly for their cooking but not rail technology. Lets be honest,,,

      I think it would be cheaper to replace the entire fleet than trying to refurbish whats currently in place.

      • Mike M

        Apparently, you don’t know that people are at the heart of every major management failure. By the way, bad people will always blame the equipment rather than work with what they have.


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