Hen Penny Brings Quick-Service Chicken to Reston Town Center

by Dave Emke April 3, 2017 at 2:45 pm 37 Comments

A new restaurant that opened Monday at Reston Town Center is offering fast meals in a familiar space.

Hen Penny is now open at 1820 Discovery St., offering chicken sandwiches, salads and more to its customers. Wesley Albright, the restaurant’s assistant manager, said the Southern country-fried chicken restaurant uses a special recipe to give its meat a unique taste.

“It’s a special flour that we use, and we put all our chicken in a pressure cooker so it keeps it really nice and juicy and moist,” he said. “Our menu is pretty small, but we have excellent food here.”

Hen Penny is a spinoff of Pheast Food Group’s Hen Quarter restaurants in Alexandria and Silver Spring. Ashraf Mokhtar, the restaurant’s general manager, said the company hopes to open 20 to 25 more locations of Hen Penny in the future.

The location is the former home of burger restaurant BRB, which Pheast Food Group closed in January with a plan to bring a “new concept” to the space. That new concept is the only place like it in the Town Center, Albright said.

“When it was BRB, there’s tons of places you can go and get burgers,” said Albright, who served in the same position at that restaurant. “But around here, this is the only place that has this type of chicken.”

The restaurant is not validating parking, Albright said, but he encouraged use of online and pickup orders for people who want to get in and out quickly. Albright said regular customers had been asking for updates about the location since BRB closed and there was already a healthy crowd in the eatery during the early lunch hour Monday.

“We have a lot of regular guests here — a lot of people who work in the Town Center, live in the Town Center, people who come across the street from the offices,” he said.

The restaurant is providing free samples at its front door as it celebrates its opening. In addition, Mokhtar said special discounts can be provided for catering orders.

  • Why do you bother?

    Guess I’ll just have to accept not getting to taste this.

    • Bernie Supporter

      Just as well since BP paid parking always leave a bitter aftertaste in your mouth.

  • Nate_VA

    In the days before paid parking we would have made a quick trip to RTC to check it out after work. But now there’s no way I’m adding a $2 tip for Boston Properties.

  • Are you able to pickup with paying for parking? Wish they had come to Worldgate. The Tuesday Morning store would make a great space for a restaurant (or two).

    • LakeNewportLady

      If they are planning 20 more locations there is hope yet!

    • compactdisqus

      Technically, first 15min are free…just hope there’s no line.

  • G F

    Can’t see myself traveling to RTC for another burger joint – paid parking or not.

    • LakeNewportLady

      It’s not burgers…it’s chicken.

  • Bill Mosher

    Too much hassle with the parking, although the menu looks good. Hopefully one of the next 20-25 locations will be nearby with free parking.

  • johnQPublic

    Looks great! Unfortunately I won’t be able to stopping in to try this place or salad works anytime ever…like I used to due to the hassle of being nickled & dimed by a parking app/ fee.

    • LakeNewportLady

      There is a salad works at the town center??? I had no idea….too bad the one at plaza America closed

      • johnQPublic

        Sweet Greens not Salad Works…Huge difference 🙂

  • 30yearsinreston

    Still not paying

    • Adrian Havill

      Never, ever.

  • Tom Hicks

    Parking in RTC free on weekends.

  • June Smith

    “The restaurant is not validating parking, Albright said, but he encouraged use of online and pickup orders for people who want to get in and out quickly”

    What Albright is REALLY saying: “We want your business, but not enough to validate your parking …. come a little closer while we twist the knife we just stuck in your back”

    • Bernie Supporter

      This an extremely callous attitude ascribes the worst possible motives to this this vender. Accordingly, I believe you are right.

      • McMike

        Validating would mean them paying $2 for each person coming to buy a $7 sandwich. BP gets all the blame here.

  • Karen

    Awesome will definitely go there tomorrow or the next day

  • phillip frederick

    Community Canteen has an awesome chicken sandwich

    • Adrian Havill

      There is an identical CC at 12011 Sunset Hills Road with totally free parking and the same menu.

      • Bernie Supporter

        with all the overdevelopment going on at Sunset Hills Road, it may not be there long.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Let me know when you pick up the parking bill. Until then, Hello Popeye’s!

    • Andy Dwyer

      So entitled

      • The Constitutionalist

        Nah, just smarter with his money and time.

  • Tom H

    Their target market is purely the people working at RTC during the day, or the few in the hotel.

  • Ann O’Nymous

    This is tragic, but this chicken is crossing the road to avoid RTC until they come to their senses on paid parking.

    • Amy Sue

      hhhhhh. Lame comedy but it was very funny to me!!

    • Amy Sue

      Good to see you’re taking action instead of just squawking about the problem. People like you will give us a leg up in this fight. You should be eggceptionally proud.

      • Ann O’Nymous

        You’ve got to keep abreast of the situation. It’s no yolk. BP are playing a shell game with the poor RTC shoppers low down in the pecking order. It’s a-pollo-ing.

      • Why do you bother?

        Quite the feather in her cap!

  • Dgeorge

    Don’t need to go to the DMZ or have the hassle at Checkpoint Charlie for a chicken sandwich.

  • Hmm

    So they’ll bring it out to my car if I am waiting in the street outside? I can do that.

    • Bernie Supporter

      I expect BP to put up “No Standing At Any Time” signs smack in front of this place.

  • Sharon

    I wish folks would stop harping on the semi paid parking at RTC. Parking is free all weekend and after 5pm M-F. And, the first hour is free during the week. It is not that bad and I for one am not going to stop patronizing the wonderful merchants in RTC. Happy Hen Penny moved in and is doing well! RTC is still the best town center around in my opinion.

  • Bpsucks

    That was quick…


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