Still A Couple Weeks to Get Your RA Budget Recommendations In

by Dave Emke June 14, 2017 at 2:45 pm 5 Comments

Input from community members on the Reston Association budget for FY2018-19 can still be submitted through June 30.

Numerous members, however, have already submitted suggestions that have been made public on the RA website. Some of the more prevalent suggestions that have been made so far include:

  • the need to dredge Lake Thoreau on schedule, which residents of the Lakewinds Cluster say needs to be “treated as a mandatory obligation, not as a discretionary matter subject to the vagaries of the RA annual budget process.”
  • restoration of pool hours, which one resident said should involve “expanding or getting more creative with recruiting efforts [of lifeguards] instead of giving up and cutting schedule entirely.”
  • the addition of permanent bathrooms at Hook Road Recreation Area and at other tennis courts, which several residents say is especially necessary for older users of the courts.
  • considering stopping maintenance of the grass in street medians, which former Board of Directors member Lucinda Shannon said “is the county’s responsibility and most of us don’t think they need to be mowed all the time.”

Check out the full list of member suggestions so far at the Reston Association website.

According to the Board of Directors’ budget development calendar, the board will hear a presentation on the survey results from Community Engagement Advisory Committee at the July 27 meeting. Budget workshops will follow in August and September, with public hearings in October and the budget to be approved in November.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Is it too late to add “Convert Tetra property to a dog park”?

  • 40yearsinreston

    Fire everybody with a Director title
    Dump the project management group who do nothing but hire contractors and go to sleep at meeting. Not that I blame them for snoozing because those meetings are a waste of time which accomplish nothing but discuss ‘status’ reports


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