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Police: Nabra Hassanen’s Death Followed Case of Extreme Road Rage

by Dave Emke June 19, 2017 at 7:45 pm 32 Comments

A 17-year-old Reston girl was killed early Sunday morning because a driver became extremely enraged, police say.

At a press conference Monday evening, representatives of the Fairfax County Police Department continued to fight rumors that Nabra Hassanen was killed because she was Muslim. Instead, they said, she was killed because of the quickly escalating temper of the assailant, who police say is 22-year-old Darwin Martinez Torres of Sterling.

Police confirmed Monday evening that a body found in a Sterling pond Sunday afternoon is Nabra. They say she was part of a large group of teenagers walking and biking back on Dranesville Road, toward the All Dulles Area Muslim Society, from McDonald’s at about 3:40 a.m. Sunday when the altercation began.

“Torres drove up to this group, and a male teen who was on a bike began arguing with Torres,” said Julie Parker, director of FCPD’s media relations bureau. “At that point, the group scattered. Witnesses say that Torres caught up with the group a short time later in a nearby parking lot and got out of his car armed with a baseball bat.”

The suspect began chasing the group of about 15 teens, Parker said, and Nabra was the one he caught. Police said they do not yet know why the suspect was so enraged, but that there is no indication that he had any particular bias against Muslims.

“His anger over that earlier encounter led to violence when he hit Nabra with the baseball bat,” Parker said. “Torres then took Nabra with him in his car to a second location nearby, in Loudoun County.”

Lt. Bryan Holland of FCPD’s Criminal Investigation Unit said that Nabra was assaulted a second time in Loudoun County before the suspect dumped her body and returned to the area of the altercation, where his car was identified by a patrolling officer and he was arrested at about 5:15 a.m.

Police believe the suspect acted alone, and they are not searching for any others. Torres is being held without bond.

Both FCPD and Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova said they stand with the Muslim community as some live in fear, despite police statements that no religious or ethnic bias was at play in this case.

“Law enforcement will not know for sure until all of the facts are uncovered in this case, and it is still an ongoing investigation,” Bulova said. “While the police work to uncover the motive, the fact remains that any violent murder is a senseless and hateful act.”

The case may be prosecuted in Loudoun County if the continued investigation merits such a move, police said.

  • carl jacobs

    I sure hope this doesn’t get pled down to a lesser charge. What with pursuit and multiple attacks, it looks like first degree murder.

    Life. No parole.

    • Mike M

      In El Salvador?

      • carl jacobs

        Little late for his citizenship to make a difference.

        • Mike M

          So you are happy to pay his way?
          It wasn’t too late when he found sanctuary here.

          • carl jacobs

            I fail to see your point. He chased down a 17 year-old girl and beat her to death with a baseball bat. Over nothing. That means he gets to be a guest of the US Penal system until he dies. It’s called retribution and it’s a necessary function of gov’t.

          • Mike M

            Some would say border control is also the job of the government. Had that job been done, it’s possible that the assailant and perhaps the assailed never would have met.

            By the way, the murder was enraged over some strangely bad behavior. He resorted to a barbaric, outlandish response against a bystander.

            I think you fail to see points you don’t like.

          • carl jacobs

            Some would say border control is also the job of the government.

            Outside of a few ideologues in the European Union, virtually everyone would say that. It makes no difference to the punishment that will be imposed because of this crime.

            I think you fail to see points you don’t like.

            No, I tend to ignore irrelevant points that make no difference.

          • The Constitutionalist

            Life without parole sounds a lot more like a quality of life upgrade than retribution.

            Maybe I’m a little murky on the definition.

          • RestonAssurance

            An autopsy report on a minor with that kind of bludgeoning by a grown man may make you see that this case is fit for Capital Murder and the death penalty. If not, he’s going to do the same to the inmates, the correctional officers, and staff.

          • TheKingJAK

            I agree that he should’ve never been here in the first place, but we can’t just let him go without first forcing him to serve his punishment here.

          • Feh

            we can’t just let him go without first forcing him to serve his punishment here.

            Sure we can.

            Send them all back.

            Enforce border control.

            That’s all the justice we want or need.

      • Jenny Gibbers


        University of Salvatrucha

        Welcome back when you graduate!

        Truth be told, its easier to come to the US illegally than it is legally and arguably easier to survive also.


    • You’re going soft, Carl. Why not execution – with a baseball bat?!

      • carl jacobs

        Ah. The “Rehabilitation Corps” arrives.

        Not soft, Jack. Prudent. I could make the case for capital punishment. I’m just not sure this crime rises to that level.

        • The Constitutionalist

          Yes, this is particularly not the type of thing people receive capital punishment for. If brutally murdering someone without remorse, at the snap of a finger with a baseball bat doesn’t rise to that level, what does?

          I know what would be better: let’s put him in a cage with other people like him, for the rest of his life, to be payed for by all of tax-paying society, including the family of the person he murdered.

          That’s the real irony of this whole thing, without capital punishment, a parasite stays a parasite, but this time, he stays a parasite in a comfortable living situation where all his needs are met by the very people he preyed on before. And now they’re required to make sure he lives as long as possible, by law.

          Sounds like we get the good end of the deal here.

          Big WIN for us.

        • RestonAssurance

          What of the kidnapping of a minor, the bludgeoning of a minor, and dumping of the body at a third location of a minor?? Those are only the little bits of details that we do know, and they DO deserve a swift death penalty!

          • Jack was being ironic – in his British way.

          • RestonAssurance

            Peachy keen, Jack. Carry on.

        • You are mellowing.

          “I expect you would find him honestly remorseful. That should count for something.”

          • carl jacobs

            Your prior conclusions were based upon an inadequate sample space.

          • Green shoots ….

          • carl jacobs

            Am I driving a Prius? No. Am I eating an arugula salad? No. Am I riding a bike on principle? No. Am I sniveling about how the perpetrator should be given a chance to “rehabilitate himself” and “make a positive contribution to society”? No.

            There is no “mellowing”.

    • RestonAssurance

      Life with no parole is light. Very light. It should be tried as a federal crime with the kidnapping and capital murder. That piece of trash should get the death penalty, swiftly executed within the minimum 7 years. Glad that ICE has a detainer, but his type will only come crawling back within a few years to kill here again.

      • carl jacobs

        Consider the evidence the police almost certainly possess. Blood in the car. Blood on his clothes. Blood on the murder weapon. His finger prints on the murder weapon. The murder weapon in his possession. Eye witnesses. Arrested near the scene in temporal proximity to the crime. I bet he confesses as well. This won’t even go to trial. His lawyer will offer a plea of guilty for life without parole. Done and dusted.

        When all is said and done, this was a crime of white hot passion followed by panic. If you talked to him right now, I expect you would find him honestly remorseful. That should count for something.

        If I am wrong, and he shows no remorse, then the state should exact the full measure of punishment allowed by law.

    • The Spirit Bear

      No logical reason why our taxes should go to keep him alive in a for-profit prison. Hang him by the neck until dead.

  • Arielle in NoVA

    Thank you for reporting the facts as they are publicized. It’s bad enough without people making things up.

  • Chad White

    I hear the suspect was a dreamer living here illegally.

  • Mike M

    ” . . . at about 3:40 a.m. Sunday.”

    The story is clearer. But makes not much more sense.

    • Loca Intel

      My question: can the supply keep up?

      The templars are prospering under the meth boom, hungry gringos every where.

    • meh

      What was she doing out in public without a male relative?

  • The Spirit Bear

    I’m certain that there is more to this story, more details than are being disclosed here. For instance, Why did he approach the group in the first place? And this happened at 3:40 am? He’s a 22 year old Salvadoran, is he MS13? Why such rage? And why go after a girl? And why take her in his car and kill her at another location? And, after he dumped her body, why did he return? Was he looking for more potential victims? Not enough information here. Was he in the country Illegally? I’m sure Fairfax County Police know more details… And, possibly most importantly, this happened some time in June, so why am I only reading about it on the second of August? Why haven’t I heard about it on the radio? I listen to WTOP every morning driving to work, and this is the first I’m hearing of this. If it is certain, beyond the remotest shadow of doubt, that he did this, then he should hang. Televised public execution. Hang him high. That would show other younguns that this kind of violent behavior is unacceptable, not only in Fairfax County, but everywhere. Just one man’s opinions, folks. I’m well aware that some of y’all won’t agree with me. I’m just disgusted by this. What is wrong with people anymore?

    • Reston Now

      I’m not sure why you are first hearing of this, but it was huge news locally (and even, to some extent, nationally). There are more than a dozen stories about it on this website alone, including several that would answer some of your other questions.


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