Garage Parking is Free for Jackson’s Customers… But How Does It Work?

by Dave Emke June 22, 2017 at 2:45 pm 33 Comments

Customers of Jackson’s restaurant can park for free in the Orange Garage at Reston Town Center all day, every day.

But how is that being monitored?

Last week, Jackson’s was granted an injunction in its case against Boston Properties, allowing the restaurant’s customers to park for free — without using the ParkRTC app — at all times. For other visitors to the Town Center, all daytime parking sessions (even those that are less than one hour, and therefore free) require registering through the app or at a kiosk.

The question that has been asked by many is: Just how exactly will they KNOW who is a Jackson’s customer and who isn’t? How can some people get away with not using the app in that garage while others still need to?

The answer, a week later: We still don’t really know.

Officials at Jackson’s have directed questions about the system to a corporate spokesperson, who has not yet been able to provide a firm answer. The following explanation was posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page Tuesday:

Our guests have been parking in the Orange garage without engaging the app or starting a session and have not had any issues today or yesterday. There has been some added signage from the landlord stating that parking is free for Jackson’s guests in the Orange garage. If you have any further questions, please contact Boston Properties directly at 703.579.6720!

Boston Properties has been similarly vague in responding to requests for clarification. Spokesperson Kathy Walsh, of the Fallston Group on behalf of BXP, said:

“As it always has been, parking in the Orange garage is free for customers of Jackson’s. The only change is that those customers now do not need to start a parking session.”

Boston Properties cannot comment further due to ongoing legal discussions.

(Parking was previously free at Jackson’s with a validation code through the app.)

So, readers, we’ll turn this over to you. Have you parked in the Orange Garage at RTC this week? What has your experience been? Let us know in the comments so we can all get to the bottom of this.

  • Netplex

    Congratulation to the management of Jackson’s for taking the initiative and spending the money to rectify this terrible situation. Hopefully, this temporary injunction in the beginning of the end to paid parking at RTC!

    • Mike M

      I intend to patronize Jackson’s more frequently as a result of this demonstration of their respect for their clientele. Take a note BP!

      • RestonAssurance

        I will be doing the same at Jackson’s only.

    • RestonAssurance

      Sure hope they had their legal fees paid for by BP considering the free parking provision in their lease!

  • Stephen Sachs

    So there are Boston Property agents who follow parkers around the RTC to make sure they patronize Jackson’s. So what happens if there are four people in a car and only one goes to Jackson’s and what happens if you have lunch at Jackson’s and hand around the RTC for a few hours? I’d love to be at the Boston Properties meeting when they try to hash this out.

    • Willie Reston

      It’s probably free for all in that garage (e.g. BP has decided they’re not going to enforce parking at all) and they’re just hoping nobody notices, and that non-Jackson’s customers continue to pay not knowing that there is no penalty for NOT paying.

      • ClusTerp

        You got it. The upside is that parking will always be free for everyone (who knows to take advantage of it) in the Orange garage as long as the injunction is in place. The downside is that the Orange garage is about to become the hottest piece of real estate in 20190!

        • Willie Reston

          Glad you understood my comment because after I posted I realized I hit you all with the rare and confounding quadruple-negative in the second half of my sentence.

  • LeftPolitico

    Boston Properties continues to lie or obfuscate whenever it puts out any statement about RTC parking. This time the statement is “As it always has been, parking in the Orange garage is free for customers of Jackson’s. The only change is that those customers now do not need to start a parking session.” No, parking in the Orange garage has not always been free to Jackson customer’s. A customer still had to go through the asinine validation process, which hardly means that parking was “free.”

    • McMike

      And doesn’t that process technically charge your card when you park, and apply a credit later when you validate?

  • Mike M

    This train wreck just keeps gettin’ trainwreckier!

  • Chkitout1

    The idiots at Boston Property who implemented paid parking at RTC should be collecting unemployment insurance. Truly a dumb decision.

  • UStifosi .

    I’m surprised Restonnow hasn’t reported on BP’s ouster of Il Fornaio. There last day open will be June 30. Lots of people out of work as a result.

    • Reston Now

      We have tried to get confirmation about that from Il Fornaio and haven’t gotten anywhere. Please send us an email at [email protected] if you know someone who can confirm this. Thank you!

    • Willie Reston

      What? No!

    • Sidewinder

      What?! Il Fornaio is awesome! That would really suck. I’m headed over there tomorrow to find out. I know the manager.

      • UStifosi .

        Apparently it’s a leasing issue with BP. Capital Grille will taking that spot. Just what we need, another steak house chain at the Town Center. It’s a real shame. I’ve known all of the various senior staff members there for years and they have been wonderful people that have a passion for Italian cuisine.

        • 40yearsinreston

          Leasing Issue aka BP wanting them to make their customers pay for parking ?

        • ichrysso

          I don’t think that is BP property, but Il Fornaio cites that since the implementation of paid parking, no one comes for lunch and dinner traffic has slowed considerably. In other words, the whole thing has confused customers no matter where in RTC they go.

    • 40yearsinreston

      That was the best Italian place in Reston
      Soon it will just be burger bars

    • Generic User

      Friend of mine spoke with the manager of Il Fornaio and confirmed it is true. They are closing at the end of June. Was also told the word is that The Apple Store may close as well.

  • Big Drop

    If I worked in Town Center I would, at the very least, buy a Diet Coke to carry out so that my daily parking, as a Jackson’s customer would be free.

  • 40yearsinreston

    There is no way of complying with the Court order without free parking for all in that garage
    I wonder if it is full of commuters as BP originallyv said it would be

  • Ella

    I called Jacksons the other day and asked how parking monitors could know who to ticket and who not to in the orange garage – the hostess told me the orange garage was not being monitored currently.

  • 40yearsinreston

    The spy app can track you continously
    If you have it, they can tell if you went to.Jackson’s and for how long and if you use a payment app they can know exactly how much you spent there
    It will take some data mining and quite frankly I dont BPX’s IT vendor is capable enough

    • Ted

      Well if you don’t open the app or start a session it won’t track you.

  • Generic User

    I heard that BXP will now be requiring people who intend to park in the orange garage to have a GPS chip embedded in their bodies so BXP can track to see if you did go to Jackson’s and only Jackson’s. If you went anywhere else, their fleet of terror drones will hunt you down and demand payment.

  • mike connor

    The hell if I am going to download that app. You all have seen the permissions it asks for when you install it, right?

  • Blair

    Poor Jackson’s. They stepped up when no other merchant did, most likely because their agreement with Boston Properties is more defendable. However, keep in mind this outcome is potentially only short lived. Boston Properties is going to do their very best to protect their unpopular, but lucrative revenue stream. The courts could ultimately decide to reverse the decision of their temporary injunction.

  • Blair

    How comfortable are you with you letting Boston Properties track the frequency and length of your visits to Reston Town Center? That’s what they are doing when you start a parking session in their app. Also, do you really think Boston Properties is sophisticated enough to protect your personal information? Before you answer, keep in mind large companies like Target, Kmart, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Oracle Micros, and the NSA were all compromised during the past 18 months. Can Boston Properties keep your credit card and personally identifiable information safe? I argue the odds are against them. So, think twice before you park at Reston Town Center. It’s likely not a very safe place to shop.


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