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Lotte Plaza Market Coming to Herndon Centre Next Spring

by Dave Emke July 21, 2017 at 10:15 am 11 Comments

The Herndon Centre retail space (330-460 Elden St.) will soon become home to another shopping market.

Ethnic grocer Lotte Plaza Market will open in the spring. The news was confirmed to Reston Now by Dennis Holste, the Town of Herndon’s economic development manager.

[Lotte Plaza Market] will be opening a new store in the Herndon Centre in spring, 2018. The store will not be opening in the K-Mart space. The new tenants for the K-Mart space have not been announced.

(The Kmart store in that plaza will close in the coming weeks. That space is owned by Florida-based real estate-investment firm Sterling Organization, while the rest of the plaza is owned by A.J. Dwoskin & Associates Inc.)

Lotte Plaza Market is described on its website as “the premier source for Asian groceries in Maryland and Virginia.” It currently has six locations in Maryland and four in Virginia — Annandale, Ashburn, Centreville and Chantilly — but plans to expand to a total of 50 in the next three years, according to its site.

  • 40yearsinreston

    If its not K- mart space where ?
    My guess is Big Lots or the Chinese buffet

    • Greg

      The Lottes in Chantilly and Centreville are about as big as the KMart. I wonder if the Herndon Lotte will be smaller? Or maybe a a new store in the middle of the mostly-empty parking lot?

      I wish it would replace the dumpy Safeway across the street.

      • RIPReston

        I’ve been hearing rumors of the possibility of a Wal-Mart taking over the K Mart spot.

        • RestonAssurance

          Please let that be a legend’s past! I don’t wish to subsidize some more this richest corporation…ahem, person, b/c a corporation is a living breathing person.

  • Mike M

    The dog meat sandwiches at the deli are to die for.

    Oh! And don’t check out at register 4! Bad ruck! Try 3, 7, or 8! Good!

  • Mike M

    Curses! Censored again!

    In order to improve the quality of my future posts, was it the dog meat, the accent, or the lucky numbers joke? I thought the lucky numbers was OK. Dog meat? Well, OK, maybe not. But would it have flown if I used “luck?”

    • 40yearsinreston

      Woof woof!

  • RVA_101

    Herndonite (demonym?) here, and this is awesome. I always go to the Metrotech one in Chantilly. This will be much closer.

  • Mike

    Ugh Asian grocery stores are disgusting. Was really hoping for something better

    • Caitlyn

      STFU racist

    • Greg

      Well, it’s now summer and no sign of any activity in the old space, so maybe your wish will come true.

      Same for the old K-Mart…been vacant for nearly a year.


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