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Silver Line Phase 2 Construction Over 60 Percent Complete

by Kalina Newman July 21, 2017 at 1:30 pm 28 Comments

According to a quarterly update provided Wednesday to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, construction of the Phase 2 of the Silver Line extension to Loudoun County has passed 60 percent completion.

Capital Rail Constructors reports that after nearly 4.4 million manhours of work, 61.12 percent of construction is done. They say the design process is 99.97 percent done.

The facility construction of the Reston Town Center station has continued with steel erection that started in May and will continue through August. Mechanical work projected to happen until fall 2018.

The Herndon Station will wrap up its metal decking by the end of August and start work on the roofing and skylights. The facility work of the station is estimated to be completed by this fall.

The MWAA is overseeing construction of the 11.4-mile project, which began in July 2013 and consists of six stations from the Reston Town Center station to the Ashburn station.

Despite the station construction steadily moving forward, the Silver Line extension will not be done for another three years. Construction on the cable trough is only 44 percent complete, and there are other track adjustments to make before everything is finalized.

WTOP reported earlier this week that the series of delays that pushed the opening back to 2020 will cost $95 million. The delays are being caused by a series of design changes, including safety-related work.

  • Mike M

    Starting a pool. How many days after “completion” until it has to be shut down for repairs? Might as well start a second for how long after “repairs” are made.

  • Willie Reston

    Who is going to ride this thing?

    • Greg

      Far, far fewer than we were told: “Silver Line Falls Short of Ridership Goals; Minimal Traffic Relief.”

  • Jackson’s Mighty Fine Skank

    What’s this I hear about a steel erection in RTC?

  • Walter Hadlock

    What I find interesting is a number of the stations are being built in what I call the middle of nowhere (for now anyway). Next up: fill in the empty spaces around the stations and hope the stations will be used. I would like to see Reston Now run a current “state of ridership” article.

    • Mike M

      Well, when you see who builds there you will see who owns the local political rack.

    • cRAzy

      In fact, Loudoun is planning for data centers around its stations!

  • cRAzy

    That $95MM cost overrun on a “series of design changes” will be paid by additions to tolls on the Dulles Toll Road as will any future overruns. You can thank our Board of Supervisors and especially then Chairman Connolly for that.

    • Mike M

      Look for the union label, . . .

      • Tammi Petrine


        • Mike M

          Because you say so?

          • Fact Killer

            The 2nd phase of the metro was contractually based on non union labour, do you have any info to the contrary?

            By def; Someone willing to take a striking workers job because they couldnt have got the job otherwise.They care about no-one but themselves,have allegiance to no-one,including who they work for, and cannot see long term. They will take almost any abuse from their employer, and dont give a whit about their fellow workers.This is the true makeup of a non union labour.

          • Mike M

            Most of the US economy is run by non-union labor. Somehow, it works. The first phase was union labor at a substantial surcharge. It did not perform well. The entire Metro is run by union labor. It is the achilles heel.

          • 40yearsinreston

            A perfect description of a corporation
            Include their belief that money is more important than peoples lives and you will have covered all rhe bases

            I suggest you read up on history and the labor movement instead of parroting Ayn Rand
            If it wasnt for labor you would be in a factory 18 hours a day, 7 days a week with no ‘benefits’ as the corps call it
            Be grateful

          • Mike M

            Sorry. But I am educated and skilled. I despise unions for the drag on the economy that they are.

          • TheKingJAK

            Unions have their purpose, but they long ago abused it to the point of running companies out of entire regions. I’m not completely anti-union, but plenty of their bad image was self-created. As far as I’m concerned either extreme is bad, whether it be employers abusing employees, or unions losing sight of their original purpose to the extent where they only serve themselves and subsequent bully others in much the same manner as those they protest against.

          • Fact Killer

            No mega project or project of significance was ever under taken by non union.

            What you are promoting is nonsense and has much to do with your own politics but not reality.

          • Mike M

            Unions are fat and lazy. They add cost an no value.

          • Fact Killer

            This comment was made late at night and seems to be heavily induced by alcohol and/or chemicals. Hope the rest of the weekend goes better.. . In the meantime . ..


          • Mike M

            So, your argumentation in support of unions was going so well, you decided to diversify it into declaring 10PM at night and implying drug abuse. Excellent FK. Excellent.

          • RestonAssurance

            I was a unionized employee with SSA disability in a past life. Our union and employees made it so that miners’ black lung disease was recognized as a debilitating disability deserving compensation. Unions aren’t perfect, but legislation to fairly compensate our country’s miners wasn’t even in existence.

          • Greg

            Not true, and yes we do.

            “Controversial union-friendly labor agreement is part of some Silver Line rail work.”

            “Clark Foundations, LLC, a subsidiary of Clark Construction Group, LLC, and a partner of Capital Rail Constructors, LLC, has executed a project specific agreement with Laborers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA) to help supply labor to the project…”

          • Fact Killer

            Thanks for that, union laboir and hopefully all trades correctly represented

            I am also educated and skilled. Working on a non-union job site is a serious safety hazard and so my take here is that my brothers will be safe based on what you said.

            Because even losing a finger its a serious issue something that you keyboard cowboys and pencil push would and could not understand.

            Thanks and safety first.

          • Mike M

            Loss of a finger is the same for us all. You live in la-la land.

  • vdiv

    Yada, yada… That’s good news!
    The sooner phase 2 opens the better it will be for Reston.

  • RVA_101

    I for one, am excited. And many people around here are but they certainly aren’t commenting on this site because, as is well established, this site is for grumpy pessimists.

    • Greg

      Then why are you here complaining?

      • NewWaveArch90

        They’re not… what are you talking about?


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