In The Design Studio: Seven Signs Your Kitchen Needs a Makeover

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This is a sponsored post by Anna Gibson, owner of AKG Design Studio and an award-winning, certified kitchen and bathroom designer. AKG Design Studio is a boutique design firm specializing in kitchen, bathroom designs and cabinetry sales. Contact Anna at 571-989-2541 or [email protected], and follow her work on Houzz; Pinterest; Facebook and Twitter.

You spend most of your day here, from breakfast to dinner and lots of snacks in between. Lately, you don’t like hanging out there that much — something doesn’t seem quite right with the most important room in your house.

Is it time to remodel your kitchen? Here are seven signs that you need to think about getting a fresh start with your favorite room in the house.

  • Tilt cabinets are not a design style! When we talk about open shelving, we don’t mean missing doors or tilted cabinets. Broken and missing cabinets can also be downright hazardous to you and your family. And really, no one wants to see that overflowing spice cabinet every time they walk into the kitchen, reminding you that once upon a time there was a door on this cabinet. Or the drawer that you now have a blue mark from trying to close it to hard and hitting that other side. It’s time to let it go!
  • New found storage? Just kidding — it’s the stove! How many burners are working on your range? Is that a new family sport, waiting to see which burner stops working next? Or maybe you are like my friend (whom I shall not name) who uses her stove for storage since the door is broken, so no cookie for you! Aging appliances are not only a hassle since you can’t properly cook. They usually consume much more energy because they are old, inefficient and most likely work twice as hard as a new appliance.

  • It’s a one-man show! Many of the older kitchen spaces and layout didn’t really consider our modern lifestyle of cooking as a family, spending time with friends and a spot to feed the dog. Most outdated kitchens are enclosed with three, sometimes four, walls and lots of doors. If you must yell at everyone to leave the kitchen while you cook, it’s time to knockdown a wall or two and expand that space to fit your lifestyle.
  • Do you feel like Cinderella? Do you scrub your floor four times a day, or did you just give up? Just like the cabinets, your floors take a daily beating of foot traffic, dropped dishes and spilled food. At some point, no matter what materials they are made of, they will succumb to wear and tear. Floors like hardwood can be refinished, and even patched, if you are changing the layout. Other floors, like tile, will need to be replaced.

  • Turkey time? Not in my house! Do you avoid inviting friends and family because you are embarrassed of your kitchen? Do you they think you can’t cook, when really your oven is broken? It’s time to bring your kitchen up to date so you can enjoy hosting in style and show off your enchilada-making skills.
  • No room for the car! Did you convert the garage to the kitchen storage? Maybe you are a budding master chef or just like kitchen gadgets? We all collect dishes and small appliances over the years. Yes, some may have met their demise and just need to hit the recycling bin, but others you still need and use, but your kitchen has other ideas. If you are like me and believe the crock pot belongs in the kitchen, it’s a sure sign that you need a new kitchen!
  • Never ask a kitchen its age! An old kitchen can bring down your home’s value by simply looking its age. Realtors often say that the kitchen sells the house, and it will help to sell it fast. A successful kitchen remodel is one that you can enjoy for years to come, yet it will look great when the time comes for you to sell. Quality products, a great design and an experienced contractor can make this happen.

How many signs is your kitchen showing? Share your tired kitchen in the comments below.

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