Arrest Made After Attempted Robbery in Hunters Woods Parking Lot

by Dave Emke August 25, 2017 at 11:45 am 17 Comments

A Reston man was arrested Thursday evening after police say he initiated a robbery after asking for money — the second time in 2017 he has been charged in such an incident.

Akeem Wauran Gale, 40, was arrested Thursday at about 9 p.m. after allegedly attempting to rob a man in the parking lot of Hunters Woods Village Center. According to a report from the Fairfax County Police Department:

The victim was getting food at a nearby restaurant when a man walked up to him and asked for money. The victim refused to give him money and went into the restaurant where [the] man followed him and again asked for money until the victim left. Once in the parking lot, the suspect then grabbed the victim and tried to steal his jewelry. A Good Samaritan came to help the victim and was punched by the suspect, who then left the area. Officers located the suspect, 40-year-old Akeem Wauran Gale of Reston, and placed him under arrest, then took him to the Adult Detention Center.

In January, Gale was charged after a similar incident at the Sunoco in the 2100 block of Centreville Road in Herndon. In that case, which took place on the afternoon of Jan. 5, FCPD said:

A 44-year-old woman was pumping gas when a man approached her and demanded money. When she declined, he grabbed her in a bear hug. She continued to decline his demands and she was able to break free and run to a local store where she summoned police. Akeem Gale, 39, of Reston was arrested, charged with assault, and taken to the Adult Detention Center.

According to Fairfax County General District Court records, Gale is scheduled to appear before a judge on Sept. 13 to answer to an assault charge; on Oct. 11 to answer to obstruction and trespassing charges; and on Oct. 31 to answer to charges of petit larceny and violating terms of bond.

  • Mike M

    It’s all happenin’ at the zoo.
    I do believe it!
    I do believe it’s true.

    Stand by for the commentary of those who swear that no crime happens at Hunter’s Woods every time crime is reported at Hunter’s Woods.

    If you are happy that Wakeem got a second chance, say hey!

    Any bets on the number of Help Wanted signs that were posted within 200 yards of the scene at the time of the crime?

    • Guest

      With a police record, he probably had trouble getting a decent job–no surprise there. There will be no more second chances for this guy (we can only hope).

      • Bah

        He should get his third chance in the back of the head.

    • RestonAssurance

      I wonder if he’s the same gentleman who was harassing an elderly man in the shopping center the day my friend shouted at him to leave the old man be, AND had a firearm brandished at him. The kind tucked in the jeans.

      • Reston Realist

        “gentleman” ???

        • RestonAssurance

          It was with great sarcasm. Gentleman he is not by far.

  • meh

    Guy probably lives in Shadowood. Nothing ever good happens at Hunter’s Woods once the sun goes down. I’ll sooner drive to Harris Teeter or Target or anywhere else than that ghettofab Safeway full of thuggery

    • cRAzy

      I heard he lived in North Point and only went to HW when he couldn’t find what he wanted at North Point Village Center.

      • RestonAssurance

        NPVC is running out of options for this. HW is much more the haven.

    • Yawn

      I truly love how crimes committed in north Reston are ignored by “meh” and others like him/her but if something happens in south reston, meh is all over it like flies in a dumpster.

      BTW, racist much? (“Ghettofab.”)

      • ???

        What crimes committed in north Reston are ignored?

      • Mike M

        So facts annoy you?

    • TheKingJAK

      Winterthur is the biggest problem at the shopping center itself.

    • White males are slaves to WSHH

      – hurt white guy that molests kids

  • Privacy Policy

    We need to get Mr. Akeem Wauran Gale back out in the HW parking lot so he can commit his third robbery of 2017. If not, its racist.

  • Why do you bother?

    Same guy that asked me for money in the South Lakes shopping center lot several weeks ago. I guess I’m lucky I didn’t get physically assaulted.

  • Greendayer

    Doesn’t matter where he lives – he’s a habitual menace to law abiding citizens. Needs to be locked up.


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