Wednesday Morning Notes

by Dave Emke September 13, 2017 at 9:00 am 14 Comments

Public Safety Forum Set for Tonight — The Fairfax County Police Department’s Reston District Station will hold a community public safety forum tonight from 7-9 p.m. at McNair Elementary School (2499 Thomas Jefferson Drive, Herndon). Police leaders will discuss the “State of Reston,” pedestrian safety initiatives and crime prevention, and they will introduce the community to valuable resources. [Supervisor Cathy Hudgins]

Morning Crash Causes Traffic Delays — At about 6:15 a.m. today, FCPD reported a crash on Sunrise Valley Drive in the area of Fairfax County Parkway that caused “significant traffic delays.” All lanes were reported open again before 7 a.m. [Fairfax County Police Department/Twitter]

Supervisors Approve Budget Carryover — At its meeting Tuesday, the county Board of Supervisors approved $59.6 million in FY2017 carryover funding, to be used in part to fund reserves and infrastructure needs, along with other projects including the demolition of the Massey Building. [Fairfax County]

Review: ‘Disgraced’ Challenges and Chafes Audiences — The play about Muslim assimilation and identity in America, now being performed at NextStop Theatre Company (269 Sunset Park Drive, Herndon) left a reviewer “examining [his] own life experiences and [his] own long-time, deeply-held progressive values and beliefs.” [DC Metro Theater Arts]

  • John Farrell

    Sup. Hudgins is holding a “State of Reston” public safety forum IN HERNDON!

    I guess she doesn’t want people from Reston to attend.

    • Mike M

      The traffic is too bad. (I wonder why?) 😉

    • Reston Now

      The forum is being put on by FCPD’s Reston District Station, which also includes parts of Herndon (as well as Great Falls and Vienna). The link to Hudgins’ newsletter is because she announced it there.

      • John Farrell

        The Forum is entitled “the State of Reston,” not the “State of Herndon” nor the “State of Great Falls” or the “State of Vienna”

        So its the commanding officer of FCPD that doesn’t want people from Reston, Vienna or Great Falls to attend. What’s that person’s name?

        Thanks for the clarification.

        • Reston Now

          It’s called the Reston District Station, even though it covers the whole region. You are stretching for outrage on this one.

  • Mike M

    I find it fascinating that Disgraced avoids white male characters of Euro-Christian descent. Fascinating. And, of course, righteous.

    • Thomas Day

      Right on time.

    • Tom H

      That is my demographic Mike, but it does not bother me at all that there are plays, movies, what have you.. that do not include this segment.

      • Mike M

        Thous must be more righteous than I.

        PS: I said I was fascinated not “bothered.”

  • Adrian Havill

    Send in the trolls!

    • Mike M

      Leading the way, Adrian? Got substance?

  • Walter Hadlock

    I’m continually amazed at Reston related meetings, such as the Public Safety meeting noted above, being held “off campus”. For the life of me, why choose McNair Elementary? Surely there are meeting places in Reston for a meeting sponsored by Fairfax County Police on the “State of Reston”.

    • Reston Now

      As explained in a response to another comment, the FCPD’s Reston District Station also includes portions of Herndon, Vienna and Great Falls. So “Reston,” in FCPD district terms, also includes those areas.

      • Walter Hadlock

        Well, Herndon and Vienna have their own police forces. I never think of Reston as being part of Herndon proper. It would not occur to me to attend a FCPD sponsored meeting about the “State of Reston” when it comes to discussing safety issues. Yes, I know, at least one zip code is outside the Town limits, but is referred to as (Greater) Herndon. And, as politely as I can, I can’t imagine someone living in Great Falls considering themselves part of Reston. Maybe FCPD needs to rethink how they describe their coverage area.


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