Crime Roundup: Waterview Cluster Resident Robbed, Car Stolen as He Slept

by Dave Emke September 12, 2017 at 4:00 pm 18 Comments

A Lake Anne-area resident was robbed while he slept last week.

According to the Fairfax County Police Department, officers responded to the 11400 block of Waterview Cluster early Sept. 5 to a report of a burglary. The victim said he went to bed at about 11 p.m. the previous night and, while he was in bed, someone entered his home and stole his car keys, wallet and two laptops before leaving in his car.

Police say the victim’s car was later recovered and searched for evidence. No suspect information is available, they say.

A pair of midday burglaries in the Great Falls area were also reported to FCPD last Thursday. Police say that between 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., jewelry was stolen from a home in the 10000 block of Columbine Street while its occupants were out shopping; also, between noon and 6 p.m., jewelry, handbags and alcohol were stolen from a home in the 900 block of Redberry Court while the occupant was at work.

FCPD’s Reston District Station also reported the following crimes in the past week:


2100 block of Astoria Circle, package from residence

11300 block of Baron Cameron Avenue, purse from vehicle

2200 block of Centreville Road, wallet from residence

1300 block of Dasher Lane, computers from vehicle

11900 block of Democracy Drive, phone from person

12900 block of Highland Crossing Drive, merchandise from business

2300 block of Hunters Woods Plaza, beer from business

11700 block of Indian Ridge Road, wallet from person

2400 block of Masons Ferry Drive, wallet from residence

11700 block of North Shore Drive, property from vehicle

9200 block of Old Dominion Drive, wallet from vehicle

1500 block of Old Eaton Lane, property from residence

11600 block of Plaza America Drive, cellphone from business

2200 block of Rock Hill Road, money from business

11400 block of South Lakes Drive, cellphone from business

11800 block of Spectrum Center, merchandise from business

11700 block of Stevenage Road, purse from vehicle


None reported

As we’ve already reported, FCPD also responded this past week to reports of gunfire near the South Gate Community Center and a woman found eating pizza late at night in someone else’s house.

Anyone with information about any of the crimes reported by FCPD should call 703-691-2131 or 1-866-411-TIPS(8477), or text “TIP187” plus the message to CRIMES(274637).

In Herndon, HPD says a commercial burglary took place in the 1200 block of Herndon Parkway on Labor Day. An unknown suspect or suspects broke a window, entered the business, and stole a computer and cash valued at approximately $250. The case remains under investigation, HPD says.

Then, in the 400 block of Madison Forest Drive on Saturday, HPD says a caller reported a suspect was spotted stealing items from an open car. Several other vehicles, mostly unlocked, in the area were also entered. A total of more than $800 worth of property was stolen, police say, and some was recovered after the suspect fled. An FCPD helicopter and K9 unit assisted in the search for the suspect, but he was not found. HPD says the suspect “is described as possibly being a Hispanic male in his mid- 20s wearing dark clothing and a baseball cap.” This case remains under investigation as well.

In Loudoun County, police say they responded to the 43000 block of Watercrest Square in Chantilly at about 2 a.m. Sunday for a report of a man “ringing the doorbells and acting disorderly.” Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office deputies located the suspect — 30-year-old Corey P. Robertson of Herndon — and they say he “resisted arrested and he did not comply with lawful commands from the deputy.” Robertson was charged with assault on law enforcement, obstruction of justice and public intoxication and was released on a personal recognizance bond.

  • Mike M

    Might want to ask the Pizza Monster about that Waterview robbery.

    • IllegallyLivingInReston

      Who needs a home security system when a pizza is much less expensive?

    • Thomas Day

      Meh. Not quite as funny as your 6 other comments in the last couple days. You’re slipping. Maybe comment more?

      • Billy

        I picture you coming to this site just to find comments you disagree with.

    • Think again

      The pizza break in was indeed bizarre, one has to question the motives if any. Also, just based on appearancr and age its quite plausible that “pizza monster” is actually mentally ill. Mental illness often sets in when women pass through their mid life crisis, whereas men typically confront this challenge between puberty and 25.

      Hope this serves as a reminder how fragile we are. Also in terms of awareness – a big chunk of LE and health care costs are spent on the mentally ill.

      • Mike M

        OK, so you have some theories. Here’s mine. Pizza monsters best find pizza when they illegally enter, lest they take other stuff, like cars.

        • Troll Criminal Explained

          Trolling has been one of the most talked about issue in relation to the internet in the second decade of the 21st century to date. Many people have spoken out against those who use the Internet to abuse others. It is clear that on their own, laws are not going to solve the problem of Internet abuse and data misuse, as being tough on crime needs to be matched with being tough on the causes of crime. This paper provides an in depth interview with an Internet troller and discussion of the findings of this to provide a general framework for understanding these ‘electronic message faults.’ The interview with the troller makes it apparent that there are a number of similarities between the proposed anti-social personality disorder in DSM-V and flame trolling activities.


          • Mike M


          • Waaah

            “Trolling” = you hurt a liberal’s feelings.
            (sad trombone noise)

        • Heh

          most women at “mid-life crisis” are whack jobs

          Married to one. Can confirm!

      • Meh

        OK, the pizza woman is mentally ill. So what? No punishment, let her roam free seeking pizza where she likes? Let’s involuntarily institutionalize her. Oh wait, can’t do that, the Left thinks that’s mean. Jail it is then.

        • Mike M

          Or, let her roam the streets homeless where they can point to her as evidence of an unjust society and make themselves feels righteous by handing her money or a small bag of groceries every now and then to enable her on-the-edge of existence. Libs!

          • RestonAssurance

            Libs actually incentivize programs and self help classes for inmates, which help to reduce the ~60% recidivism rate. Conservs want to lock up inmates, and throw away the key. While that’s a great idea for some inmates, the Pizza Burglar doesn’t need to roam the streets homeless or be locked up without a key.

          • Mike M

            What is your cure for the pizza monster? Let’s be specific and not cite discredited 1970s research done by former inmates. If she is mentally ill recidivism is virtually guaranteed. You have a cure?

          • RestonAssurance

            If she is indeed mentally ill, then she needs services while serving her time. Medication, guidance and continued support when she’s out. Yes it costs money, but better than re-offending or harming someone else. If she’s transient, best of luck to all! I have worked with transients.
            Indeed, recidivism rates vary based on the jail, the prison, the state, etc., but I don’t believe inmates have ever crunched those numbers when they worked at IBM or other corporations that use inmate labor.

            The Bureau of Justice Statistics published a 2005 study (yes, a newer study is needed, but rates remain fairly linear) of 404,638 released inmates from 30 states with comparable numbers.
            -Within three years of release, about two-thirds (67.8 percent) of released prisoners were rearrested.
            -Within five years of release, about three-quarters (76.6 percent) of released prisoners were rearrested.
            -Of those prisoners who were rearrested, more than half (56.7 percent) were arrested by the end of the first year.
            -Property offenders were the most likely to be rearrested, with 82.1 percent of released property offenders arrested for a new crime compared with 76.9 percent of drug offenders, 73.6 percent of public order offenders and 71.3 percent of violent offenders.

          • IllegallyLivingInReston

            Libs would actually prefer if mental health was a larger priority in health care.

          • Mike M

            So, what does that mean? They want them off the streets? More money will do that? Involuntary institutionalization? How else? I think what I said was more accurate.

            See libs want more money thrown at everything. But they cannot prioritize.

      • RestonAssurance

        Highly plausible for mental illness indeed. Couple that with drugs/alcohol and wondrous ideas abound.


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