In Closely Watched Virginia Election, Votes in Reston Mirror Statewide Results

by Fatimah Waseem November 8, 2017 at 10:15 am 13 Comments

Democrat Ralph Northam clenched victory over Republican Ed Gillespie in the competitive race to become Virginia’s 73rd governor Tuesday — statewide results that echoed locally in a bellwether race watched around the nation as judgment on President Donald Trump.

Democrats swept statewide offices, including the lieutenant governor and attorney general. In the Hunter Mill District, Northam won in every precinct with 61 percent of all votes – slightly below the countywide average of 67 percent and above the statewide return of 54 percent. Northam took 30,201 of the 49,788 ballots cast while Gillespie grasped 45 percent of the vote. The tightest race was in the Colvin Precinct where Northam won by a 59 percent to 40 percent margin over Gillespie, who took 54 percent of the total vote statewide.

Democrat Justin Fairfax won over Republican state Sen. Jill Vogel in the race for lieutenant governor while Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring was reelected over Republican John Adams.

Overall, voters took to the polls in greater numbers this year. Turnout in the Hunter Mill District was just under 50 percent, roughly six percentage points below the statewide voter turnout of 56 percent.

The Flint Hill precinct reported the highest turnout at nearly 66 percent. The lowest turnout was reported at the McNair precinct where turnout rested at a mum 45 percent compared to the district-wide average of 60 percent.

Voters also passed a measure that would approve the sale of $315 million in bonds to fund school improvement projects throughout the county. The measure passed with 73 percent of the total vote. Locally, the funds would allow the county to move forward on renovations to one modular buildings; additions to three county high schools; renovations to 10 elementary schools, three middle schools, two high schools; and the construction of two new elementary schools.

Democrat Ken Plum, Reston’s current delegate, will also continue serving as the local delegate for the 36th district. Plum, who worked for roughly 20 years as a public school teacher an administrator prior to his role in politics, ran in an uncontested race.

To view complete election results, visit Fairfax County’s interactive map or view results online.

Photo by Fatimah Waseem.

  • OneReally

    Congrats to the Governor-elect. Restonow do you always shop at the WoPo for your one and only source of news?
    This wasn’t as much a judgement on President Trump #mypresident as a moderate Republican that lost in a blue state.

    Mr. Northam won in a state that Hillary carried last election.

    I wish the Governor-elect nothing but the best in his new role.

    • Adrian Havill

      See above and WaPo, not WoPo,. Also Hillary did carry the state by five but after nearly a year of Trump Northam carried it by nine.

  • Big Drop

    This was a referendum on Trump. South Lakes district was 79 per cent to 21 per cent. Lake Anne was even higher.

    • Don

      How do you figure? Reston is overwhelmingly Democrat, and this was a state that voted for Hillary a year ago. If anything most of the results, especially in Reston, were expected.

      • TheRealODB

        Blue Gov replaced Blue Gov in a Blue State… Not exactly groundbreaking.

        • Adrian Havill

          Actually, purple since the GOP control the statehouse. But that’s about to change.

    • TheKingJAK

      Since when in your wildest dreams was this not expected? Many of Reston’s precincts vote heavily in favor of Democrats, especially nowadays. Why else do you think that we’re stuck with Delegate Plum and Supervisor Hudgins?

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Gillespie’s loss is “guilt by association”. The only way he could have avoided getting tarred with the Trump brush would have been to denounce him.

    With that said, the news isn’t that a “blue” candidate won in a “blue” region of a “purple” state. The new is that he won by such a large margin, and that minorities came out in droves.

    • Mike M

      Trump won. Get over it already!

      PS: The minorities aren’t.

      • Chuck Morningwood

        Trump won in 2017, but he’s been losing ever since. Only his rhetoric says “Winning”.

        • Mike M

          Sorry, I don’t follow. Trump lost Virginia and he was not embraced by the recent GOP candidate. He doesn’t run again until 2020, if he so chooses. Get over Trump being in the White House already.

    • Scott


      That’s how we do it now right?

  • kiki

    Northern Virginia is the swamp.


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