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Reston Association Issues Call for Candidates for 2018 Board Election

by Fatimah Waseem November 30, 2017 at 1:30 pm 12 Comments

Reston Association’s Board of Directors could be slated for a shakeup next year as four of the nine-member body’s seats are open in next year’s election.

The association has formally issued a call for candidates. An information session is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 3 at 7 p.m. at RA (12001 Sunrise Valley Drive).

In April, the following seats will open: one at-large seat for a one-year term, two at-large seats for a three-year team and one seat for the South Lakes District for a three-year term.  An orientation is set for Feb. 1 at 7 p.m.

In a video announcing the election, Caron Anton, co-chair of the elections committee, said the election is an opportunity to shape the future of Reston through the association. To qualify, candidates must be a RA member, live in a residential property tied to a Reston deed, and have no unpaid fees. Candidates must file by 5 p.m. on Jan. 26. Candidates running for the South Lakes District seat must live in the district and collect signatures from households within the district.

Filing requirements include an election statement, which details goals and qualifications, and at least 25 signatures from individuals in 25 different households. Election results will be announced on April 10 at the annual members’ meeting.

The nine-member board consists of eight directors, who are elected for three-year, staggered terms by members, and one director elected by apartment owners. Four of the eight directors are district-level representatives while others are elected by the membership at-large. 

The body is responsible for ensuring RA’s goals are fulfilled by creating policies related to programming, planning, budget and personnel policies. RA’s website contains the following description of board members’ duties as whole:

  • When working as a full board, all members: Determine long-range mission and goals; establish RA policy and procedures; hire and evaluate the CEO; monitor finances, approve budget, and set the assessment; create and update long-range plans; and approve association programs through the budget process.
  • When working as individual members, all directors: Attend all board meetings, special events, and board retreats; prepare thoroughly for board meetings; serve as committee members and chairs; offer counsel, suggestions, and opinions; assume leadership roles when called upon; keep the board and the EVP informed of community concerns.
  • As well as receiving daily assistance from the CEO and the operational staff, the board is also supported by Legal Counsel, who helps guide the board into legally acceptable conduct and serves an important “loss prevention” role for the Association. Legal Counsel advises the CEO and board, but reports to the CEO, and responds to requests for opinions and analyses from the CEO, full board, or President.

For more information, email the elections committee at [email protected] or call 703-435-6530. Information is also available on RA’s website, including an elections calendar.

  • Old fartz

    I would like to see an extra seat at the board table and have that seat be filled with someone intern from SLHS so they get informed and educated about running a local government.

    This is not too much to ask as young people in this area have no representation. Also, it would provide for much needed fresh air

    • Greg

      RA is not a local government. The intern should show up at the county’s Taj Mahal to reinforce those skills — which, of course, are (supposed to be) taught in standard high-school civics courses.

    • The Constitutionalist

      Sorry but no.

    • Anonymous Person

      They’re children. This is a ridiculous viewpoint.

      You can’t have it both ways, where we complain about millenials and their immaturity, and then turn around and demand they have the maturity of an adult and join these sorts of boards. Patently ridiculous.

    • Absurdum

      Why not have a special seat for the police men and women of Reston, even if they don’t reside here. They protect us everyday, who knows the community better?

      Why not have a special seat for the teachers of Reston, even if they don’t reside here, they shape and form the future, they have a unique perspective on our children.

      Why not have a special seat for the elderly. Many have been living here since the 60’s and 70’s. They know the Reston history as they have lived it – who better to consult to avoid the mistakes of history.

      Why not have a special seat for the veterans that reside in Reston. Lets honor their service to Reston and to the country.

      Why not have a special seat for the Chamber of Commerce representative for Reston businesses. RA actions can impact businesses of Reston. Certainly their perspective would be valuable.

      Why not have a special seat for the religious leaders of Reston. They can bring a unique spiritual perspective.

      See where this is going? Lets not go there.

  • davidfromlakewinds

    Old fartz, I think you hit upon a good idea. I don’t know about another seat, but I know that High Schoolers have a lot to say and contribute to make Reston work for everyone.

    • The Constitutionalist

      Unless said high school students are members they don’t deserve to be and should not be represented.

      • davidfromlakewinds

        I’m surprised by your response. Short of another seat, which I didn’t endorse, I believe that High Schoolers have a unique perspective on our community and that knowing their views can’t hurt, whether we agree with them or not. For example, more South Lakes students regularly use South Lakes Center socially than any other age group, from what I’ve seen. If it is redeveloped, wouldn’t it be helpful to hear from them rather than to assume they would want the same things we would want, or to pretend they are not here.

        • Greg

          Redevelopment is a county function. All that Reston does is dictate what the outside of whatever is built looks like. And it does that job terribly. Look at “VY” as an example.

        • The Constitutionalist

          If I have a private club in which you are a member and you have to pay almost $700 a year to join, and in exchange you are given one or two votes, why should someone one who 1) is not a member, 2) is not required to pay almost $700 a year, and 3) has no votes, have a seat on the board or be allowed to put forth suggestions or recommendations that should be taken seriously by those that are?

          I am not saying that they may not have insightful ideas or a unique perspective, but there’s a reason that you don’t get to cast your vote in the Senate when you are not a Senator.

          • davidfromlakewinds

            I don’t think we are disagreeing, except on the taken seriously point.

        • Anonymous Person

          They under the age of majority, and children! Of course some are more mature than others, and it’s not that their viewpoints are worthless, but they’re the viewpoints of children.

          It’s a good reason to not take them into account.


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