UPDATED: Vehicle Crashes into Trader Joe’s

by Fatimah Waseem January 9, 2018 at 2:34 pm 26 Comments

Trader Joe’s will remain closed today after a vehicle crashed into the building on 11958 Killingsworth Avenue, according to the Fairfax County Police Department.

A woman’s vehicle struck the side of the building. Local police responded to the incident after receiving a call at 1:28 p.m.

The building’s bricks sustained some damages, but the extent of the damage is unclear, Officer Kent Bailey told Reston Now.

No injuries have been reported, he said.

An assessment of the building is ongoing, a store representative said. The store is expected to open tomorrow with regular business hours.

This post was updated at 5:23 p.m.

  • Willie Reston

    Sources say it was Mike M, blinded once again by his old age and ignorance.

  • TheRealODB

    that wall had just announced it had information leading to Hillary Clinton’s arrest….

  • Ted Gebis

    Hopefully, no one was injured. Perhaps they were in a hurry for the “two buck Chuck?”

    • Why do you bother?

      The article says no injuries were reported.

      And she’d have rushed for nothing – isn’t 2 Buck Chuck 5 bucks now?

      • Ted Gebis

        It has gone up in price, but we still call it two buck Chuck. Move along, nothing to see here.

  • Ted Gebis

    I’m sorry, ma’am, but we don’t offer drive through services.

  • SumTingWong

    I know it’s hard to find parking there, but this is a bit extreme.

    • Judith Andersen

      Made me laugh!

    • Arielle in NoVA

      My thoughts exactly! I was wondering if it was someone who had trouble getting into or out of a spot.

  • Ted Gebis

    We can’t blame this one on Boston Properties or those folks ruining Reston by riding in on the Metro. Nope, this was home grown.

  • Amy Sue

    How fast was this person going? He/she tore the bricks apart! Or, is it just cheap construction?

    • Rick Chase

      Probably not too fast. I did the math a while back and it turns out that a 35.. pound car traveling 30 MPH will hit with a force of almost 17 TONS. That will inflict quite a bit of damage.

      • Amy Sue

        Oooh, very impressive. Does it matter if the car just sped up to 30 from a stopped position or if it was going a steady 30?

        • taylor13


        • Rick Chase

          The short answer? No.

    • Reston Realist

      it was only a brick facade…. not really any structural support. It’s probably a good thing or that driver would have certainly been injured!

  • OneReally

    D.W.A I would bet.

  • Judith Andersen

    The car looks undamaged but the building folded.

  • Arielle in NoVA

    I was heading there tomorrow. Hope it’s open at that point, though I can see why not if it’s not. Glad nobody got hurt – and that it’s not subfreezing now and for the next few days!

  • OneReally

    This was Reston Willie protesting paid parking.

    As usual his point was invalid as this isn’t RTC BP.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    “Ma’am, i said you could use the CART for your groceries, not the CAR.”

  • Mike M

    My money says cell phone distraction.

  • Kid 123

    What’s that? …Indoor parking?

  • TourDeBoulder

    The lady drove her car into the building. She was driving the vehicle.

    • Mike M

      No, um, actually she was in the store and the wall said to the car, “I don’t like your headlights.” And then, vroom, crash!

      I am just surmising based on the article as written.

  • RestonAssurance



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