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New Retail Tenants Announced as VY Reston Heights Opens

by Fatimah Waseem February 1, 2018 at 10:00 am 19 Comments

VY, a 385-unit apartment community by JBG Smith, is officially open. Six tenants are expected to take up ground floor retail slots by the summer.

Tenants include Super Chicken, Allure Nails, Signature Thai, and Reston Kabob. WillPower Functional Fitness, a 35,000 square foot gym, was the first retail tenant confirmed in 2016.

The building on 11830 Sunrise Valley Drive is part of JBG’s Reston Heights project, which includes Westin Reston Heights, the Sheraton Reston, the Mercer Condos and office buildings along Sunrise Valley Drive.

VY, which stands for “very,”  contains a mix of one, two and three-bedroom apartments with two-story lofts.Monthly rents range between $1,800 and $3,320. Amenities include an two open-air lounges, a pool, fitness center, courtyard with fire pits, a lawn, on-site dog park, a pet spa and a bike maintenance center.

Greg Trimmer, the company’s executive vice president, said VY will be a “new community landmark.”

“The property sets the bar for luxury living in Reston with a high level of amenities, retail, and access to the outdoors and activities for the consumer who values both a quiet evening in a comfortable home overlooking nature, and entertainment or activity right outside of their front door,” he said.

Photos via JBG Smith

  • Drip

    Recognizing that this post is basically a glorified advertisement (e.g. using such lingo as “apartment community”), if I was covering this story, my first move would be to give Greg Trimmer and others a call and ask traffic-related questions regarding the already-congested nature of Sunrise Valley during certain times of day. This is why in journalism school they teach you to not just take from the press release but actually call someone to get the quote.
    “VY” also sounds like something yucky.

    • cRAzy

      Given the “yucky,” maybe it should be called “YY.”

  • JoeInReston

    Just once I would like to see a new non-luxury apartment complex opened:

    “The property sets the bar for budget living in Reston with a basic amenities, non upscale retail, and access to the outdoors and activities for the
    consumer who value a decent living at an affordable price”

    • Mookie Taylor

      Especially since Super Chicken, Allure Nails, Signature Thai, and Reston Kabob doesn’t sound like it’s going to set a high bar for luxury living.

      • 40yearsinreston

        At least they dont pretend to be ‘iconic’

  • OneReally

    RNGC’s 18th tee box and fairway doesn’t exist in picture number 4 of 4.

    A sign of things to come?

    • Generic User

      If it is a sign of things to come, I doubt the future is an empty green field. More like a mega apartment complex would be there.

      • OneReally

        “empty green field” right before they regrade it.

        Just found it interesting that the tee box and fairway wasn’t in the picture.

        You would think it would have more appeal. A golf cart pulled up to tee box. A foursome chatting among themselves.

  • Mike M

    VY ugly. Perhaps the ugliest of the new developments.

  • Nyla J.

    Wow, that’s VY expensive rent to smell the gas station and fried chicken! This complex is also VY ugly to look at, the garage paneling is VY weird, and location isn’t VY desirable. WY (that’s short for “why”) would anyone want to live there?

  • Chuck Morningwood

    The previous iteration (by the dry cleaner and the 7-11) was pretty decent according to my co-workers. Let’s hope that they can bring back the same level of value.

    I’m just wondering, though, where the heck are people supposed to park in order to access these retailers? In the new garage, or over in the tiny strip by Popeye’s?

    • Drip

      This is kind of my point. RestonNow will copy the press release but they refuse for whatever reason to actually call the people and ask these questions.

  • Bruce Wright

    The VY website boasts about the walkability of the development. They neglected to note that when trying to walk from the development to Reston Parkway the sidewalk on the north side of Sunrise Valley Dr ends just west of the gas station. Between the gas station and Reston Parkway there’s no sidewalk, only a rutted dirt trail. Once someone walks to the Reston Parkway/Sunrise Valley Dr intersection, in order to get to the Town Center, they would need to cross SVD, cross Reston Pkwy, then re-cross SVD to reach the trail on the west side of Reston Parkway. There is no crosswalk on the north side of that intersection. There should be a direct crossing, bridge or crosswalk, from VY to the trail on Reston Parkway. If new tenants think they can easily walk anywhere to the west they will be very disappointed. Not a very good selling point for the development.

    • 40yearsinreston

      Hudgins and Mr speaker will fix it

  • Big Drop

    Question: the floors are not concrete. What is the likelihood that someone will hear the tenant above walking? Or jumping or … A lot of the rental apartments in Reston are built like this today.

  • Smiling

    This is such a positive group of comments, it’s like reading the complaints box at the local old folks home. It’s to hot, to cold, blah blah blah. Hopefully some new young folks will move in to this place, find Reston the great place it is to live and continue the dream RS started.


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