Friday Morning Notes

by Fatimah Waseem February 16, 2018 at 9:00 am 22 Comments

Let your imagination run wild – Today is the last day an art proposal in response to the prompt, “If you could do anything, what would it be?” Greater Reston Arts Center will select five artists to participate in the Mary B. Howard invitational later this year. [GRACE]

Delays on Metro This Weekend — The Silver, Orange and Blue Lines are scheduled to run every 24 minutes, thanks to weekend track work. [WTOP]

A new home for OVHcloud – The global cloud provider opened its headquarters in Reston. The company’s CEO Russ Reeder said he’s glad to be back in the region. [OVHcloud]

Discussion on Russia’s foreign policy today — Watch a segment of the “Great Decisions” documentary and delve into a roundtable discussion at Reston Regional Library from 2-4:15 p.m. [Fairfax County Government]

Empty office space woes – Near Silver Line stations, millions of square feet of office space is available. Some developers and brokers are struggling to court good tenants. [Bisnow]

Body Found in Early February Outside Reston Town Center High Rise – On Feb. 2, a woman’s body was found in a driveway outside condominiums in Reston. Police investigated the incident as a possible suicide.

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  • Chuck Morningwood

    Millions of square feet of empty office space and yet there’s a shortage of beds for the mentally ill, and group homes for those who need them.

    • Sandy

      That is a very true statement. There is also a need for affordable senior housing, that could be housed in that space. They could also do what Baileys Crossroads did and change an old empty office building into another school building to take away from the over crowding in their primary school. The thing is a lot of the owners are motivated by greed and won’t allow that

    • Mike M

      How about you put a few up at your place on your dollar. I am sure they would take great care of your property.

      • Chuck Morningwood

        What makes you think i haven’t already done that?

        • Mike M

          Because I know you are full of it.

          • Chuck Morningwood

            Prove it.

          • Mike M

            No. You made the claim. You prove it. Names? Ages? Legal status? Not your nanny, Chuck.

          • Chuck Morningwood

            Why would I have to prove anything to you? You’re the one asserting that I’m not being truthful. Surely you must have some evidence to support your claim. Why would I have to make your case for you?

          • Mike M

            You made the assertion. With no support. No matter. You can make welfare payments too. I’d rather not.

  • JoeInReston

    “The Silver, Orange and Blue Lines are scheduled to run every 24 minutes, thanks to weekend track work”

    Metro might want to save themselves the weekly effort of announcing the silver line will be running trains every 24 minute on the weekend by making 24 minutes the default policy and announcing the rare times when the trains are running in 12/15 minute intervals.

    • Drip

      There is of course the typical weekend caveat that Silver Line trains run every 24 minutes, but only go to Ballston. You then have to wait another 20+ minutes to catch the Orange Line.

      • JoeInReston

        Track work at Foggy Bottom is a frequent instigator, so you then have to get off at Foggy Bottom, take a Metro bus to Federal Triangle, and then get back on the Orange line at at Federal Triangle.

        Multiple hop trips with 15+ minute waits at each hop is a perfectly reasonable expectation. Please plan your trips accordingly!

        • Mike M

          But it’s all good, because fares keep climbing.

  • Mike M

    Empty office space has been the norm in Reston since before they stopped building new office buildings away from the Town Center. But it was something no one in the commercial real estate business ever wanted to acknowledge. In fact, I have seen many articles over the years stating that the rate of empty space was normal for the region and the country. That was a lie. Now the trend in local businesses is toward miserable open spaced offices in a veiled attempt to get people to work from their own homes. I see ghettos in Reston’s future. The DNC will be happy about it. But no one else.

    • JoeInReston

      I get your disdain for open space offices, they make everybody unproductive and are an extreme enabler for micro managers. However, more people working from their own homes telecommuting? Yes please!

      I would be happy with such a development. Not having to commute… or having an easier commute because others don’t have to commute, lessening the congestion on my route to work.

      • Mike M

        I understand the benefits of working from home. But as a manager I also see the challenges. Many jobs are amenable to that. Some are not. Some teams really are going to perform better in physical proximity. I also find many distractions at home and have not carved an office out of my living space. The open spaces are so bad that I can’t believe businesses really see anything but
        1) Cost savings without thinking about the costs to the business.
        2) Flexibility (ease of reorganization or resale).
        3) The subtle encouragement to cover the costs of your own office.
        I know of one big name firm in the county that moved to a really crummy part of Fairfax for the cheap rent. Then they put all the C-staff and direct underlings all in one open bay that covered the whole level of the building. They all HATE it. They all say it is distracting. Your comment about micromanaging is big too. The notion was sold to them as if they were one biog Operations center – which no corporate staff really can be or should be.

        • JoeInReston

          Regarding open office space, yea, its a problem for those job tasks that require uninterrupted cognitive spin up time. If it take 20 minutes to get into a mental groove and 1 minute to lose it due to interruption, than a self important, pointy haired, wind bag boss can really kill productivity.

          I work with remote coworkers all the time. On rare occasions, if a new person comes on board, then its nice to have face to face time to bring them up to speed. But otherwise, it hasn’t been a problem. Slack is a wonderful tool to facilitate chat and share information.

          • Mike M

            I think it depends upon the job. I reduced a team from 11 to 7. Now we get more done. But the key was rapid access to collaboration. I am not the first to note that some jobs are not done well remotely. Some can be. I know.

      • OneReally

        I love working from home.

        Started as a part time thing in 2010. Then many in my company were asked to go remote full time due to the nature of our job.

        It took some getting used to, but now I couldn’t image going back to a office full or part time.

        I have a personal office in the basement. My wife and kids text me if they need something instead of running down stairs.

        • Bas dwell

          I also have learned to stay away from the low socio-economic class. Even though money is a good indicator of what class you belong to, culture has a greater impact.

  • Why do you bother?

    And yet Hudgens – The Developers’ Puppet – wants to build more high-rises.

  • Greg

    The “trophy” office building at Reston Station has always been empty. And yet, Comstock is set to build another one plus their redo of downtown Herndon?


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