Plans to Calm Traffic on Hunter Mill Road Move Forward

by Fatimah Waseem February 16, 2018 at 10:15 am 22 Comments

Relief could be on the way soon for drivers who frequent Hunter Mill Road near the Dulles Toll Road.

Last night, the Fairfax County Planning Commission approved long awaited plans to tackle traffic backups by realigning Sunset Hills Road to Crowell Road.

The plan also includes adding a roundabout as an intersection control. Hunter Mill Road would become a four-lane road between the intersection of Crowell Road and Sunset Hills Road to the Dulles Toll Road’s westbound ramps.

John Carter, the Hunter Mill District’s planning commissioner, compared the new plan to George Washington Parkway. Conceding the comparison was imperfect, he said the changes feature sweeping curves, major setbacks of 400 feet from houses to the road and a commitment to preserve a pond and a forested resource protection area.

The plan passed by the commission includes several amendments to address concerns raised by the Hunter Mill Defense League and the Hunting Crest Homeowners Association. Changes include:

  • Beginning realignment to the east of the Edlin School and extending no farther than Crowell Road
  • Maximizing the distance between the realigned road and the Hunting Crest community
  • The inclusion of a roundabout as a preferred alternative
  • Modifying transportation maps to include a cul-de-sac on Hunter Mill Road

The county’s Board of Supervisors will hear public comment on the plan on March 6 at around 4 p.m.

Since 2014, the county held several community meetings to lay out traffic management alternatives. The latest plan is a mix of several options, but departs from previously discussed plans, which the county indicated no longer work.

Carter said the county’s studies clearly indicate the current plan is the “better method to calm traffic in this area.”

Photo via handout

  • Chuck Morningwood

    How much traffic calming could Hunter Mill Rd use? It’s so horribly plugged up most of the time that you can barely move.

    • 30yearsinreston

      Hudgins says don’t worry

      • Henrietta

        Do you think about Hudgins all day everyday? I constantly see you post about her like she’s on your mind at all times. Maybe take a break?

        • OneReally

          Maybe when she acts with our best interest we’ll cut her some slack. Until then the backhand comment will continue.
          Dilly! Dilly!

          • Henrietta

            No doubt but this guys obsession seems a bit much.

          • 30yearsinreston

            I am obsessed with her getting a huge salary and having a staff who don’t do anything except promote her and her agenda regardless of the impact on the community
            I resent having my huge property taxes pay for a drone who has done nothing to justify it
            When she does her job, I’ll cut her some slack

          • Greg

            And don’t forget that she’s been on the Metro (WMATA) board for far too long. Look at what a FUBAR mess she’s created there — and sticking us with ever higher property and sales taxes and outrageous tolls for ever worse metro service.

          • Tex

            Maybe you’ll enjoy life and be a little bit happier if you didnt obsess over her. Go out and enjoy life, be happy. I’m worried about you.

    • Mike M

      It may be the editor is the one using that word, when the concept is more to facilitate flow.

  • edder

    Soon? I’m guessing 5+ years.

  • MakeRestonBetter

    All this vote did was make it possible for some future realignment to occur. Changing a line on the map. There are no current plans to actually fund this change.

    • Donald

      This is just a part of the plan. I suspect those land parcels are up for redevelopment.


    • Mike M

      The same map has the Hunter Mill alteration that has been “planned” for . . . decades now?

  • Rational Reston

    Roundabouts and traffic circles are lousy. What’s wrong with modifying the existing traffic light (which has done wonders to help)?

  • Mike M

    The choke point under 267 remains.

  • Lake Anne Resident

    Wiehle anyone?

  • Greg

    Comparing to the GW Parkway? Please!

  • KP

    Stop having garage sales in the area and you will be just fine!

  • Adam

    Does anyone know anything about the dotted blue line South of Sunrise Valley? That’s not currently a road, and I’m not sure how it would help traffic if it became one.


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