Tuesday Morning Notes

by Fatimah Waseem March 6, 2018 at 9:00 am 13 Comments

Six things to know after the windstorm — All you need to know about trees, power outages, food safety, and more. Let’s hope things can get back to normal soon. [Fairfax County Government]

Tackling traffic on Sunset Hills Road — The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on plans to realign the road today at 4 p.m. [Fairfax County Government]

Online voting for Reston Association elections is live — To cast a vote in the election for RA’s Board of Directors, visit RA’s website. Paper ballots were mailed yesterday. [Reston Association]

Travel “Into the Woods’ with Herndon students — Tickets are on sale for the performance by Herndon High School Theatre from April 13 through April 21. [Herndon Drama]

Photo by Ruth Sievers

  • Drip

    Regarding the RA voting, wouldn’t it be fun if Fatimah compared the IP addresses used to comment on this site for Ray and “Bernie Supporter” to determine whether Bernie Supporter (initials B.S.) is a sock puppet used by an RA candidate to support other candidates? Nothing mean-spirited, but it would provide some color to this unique RA election. If I’m wrong and it’s not Ray’s sock puppet, then I’ll happily admit it.

    • O vey

      So you re asking for Fatimah to get fired because the RA dinner party circuit needs your support?

    • Donald

      Yea — that’s legal.



      • Drip

        What’s illegal about it? Unethical… maybe I suppose. Bad for business… perhaps if it deters people from commenting. But not illegal. Every comment is logged through an IP address. Your IP is likely on her screen associated with your comment. Fatimah can see where I am commenting from as well. If I chose to use a different screen name, she could easily match it to “Drip” without any effort at all. I was just suggesting that the IP association has a potential local newsworthy angle based on a contested local election where a candidate is potentially engaged in sock puppetry directly on point with the “slate” question.

        • Willie Reston

          How would she know whether an IP address belongs to an RA candidate or not?

          • Drip

            For example, the user commenting from the “Ray Wedell” disqus account may have a unique IP address (unless he knows how to hide it, uses a proxy, etc). If the “Bernie Supporter” persona is a sock puppet, it may would likely come from the same IP address. Of course, this does not take into account scenarios such as people sharing the same internet connection, etc.

          • Pay to see this

            Multiple users with subscriptions to Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T on Hacker News reported that their information shows up – “full name, phone number, mailing address, and e-mail address” – even if they’ve opted out of all privacy invading options possible. This is clearly default behavior and, even though the publicly accessible demo of this personal information being readily available are currently offline, we are reminded that we don’t have any control over whether or not this information is sold for monetary gain by the telcos – which they are actively doing. The only solution is to never expose your mobile IP address is to make sure the websites you visit only see your VPN IP address.

  • Anonymous Person

    Is there any word on when the new Sweet Leaf near Founding Farmers will open?

    • Reston Now

      No official word yet, but they have begun actively hiring.


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