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Wednesday Deals & Events in Reston

by Tim's Reston March 28, 2018 at 10:15 am 6 Comments

Every weekday, we highlight deals and events around Reston, with help from Tim’s Reston Directory. Some require a coupon or have more instructions, so be sure to click the link for details and any additional requirements.

Follow Tim’s Reston Directory on Twitter and Facebook and visit TIMS.US for a comprehensive monthly calendar of deals and events around Reston.

Interested in special promotion as the deal or event of the day? Have a deal or event tip? Email Tim at [email protected]!

  • Tom H

    I like this new week day feature. Thanks!

    • cRAzy

      I don’t. It’s just advertising spam. And it means one real news article is no longer being printed.

      • SuperCoop1280

        That is assuming there was one to print. 😉

      • I’d rather post as a guest

        Real news articles don’t magically spawn and print themselves in the absence of this article. Just skip to the next article if you don’t want to read it, sheesh.

        • cRAzy

          You’re right about “real news articles.” They require work, and I don’t see that happening. Just press releases and advertising. Maybe an article about RA based on watching a Board meeting on TV.

    • OneReally

      Agreed. Nice new feature. Well done!


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