Photos: Construction Underway for Lofts at Reston Station

by Fatimah Waseem April 4, 2018 at 10:15 am 35 Comments

Construction of the Lofts at Reston Station, a redevelopment project with 32 apartments and 12 two-over-two townhouses north of the Wiehle-Reston East Metro Station, is underway.

The development, located at 1825 Michael Faraday Drive south of Sunset Hills Drive, is expected to open by early fall, a representative for Pulte told Reston Now.

“Construction is coming along. We are in framing this week and we are looking to open in the early fall,” said Megan Skupien, marketing manager for the Pulte’s Mid-Atlantic division.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved the project, which replaced an office building and a parking lot, in November 2016. According to promotional material, one- or two-level condominiums start at $600,000. 

As part of the project, Pulte also plans to extend Michael Faraday Drive and Reston Station Boulevard along the property, beginning to establish a local street grid for the area.  Reston’s master planning documents envision turning Reston Station Boulevard into the new main street for the area surrounding Wiehle-Reston East.

Residents of The Lofts will be Reston Association members.

The developer committed to the following proffers, according to a presentation given to the Reston Planning & Zoning Committee in 2016:

  • $173,376 for athletic fields
  • $168,010 to Fairfax County Public Schools
  • $24,040 to help construct a traffic signal
  • $44,000 for local parks
  • A buyout of $20,898 to separate from the Metro Tax District

Photos by Fatimah Waseem; rendering via Pulte

  • 30yearsinreston

    A traffic signal ?
    That should fix the congestion

    • OneReally

      Agreed. We should be asking for more of these developers.

      • 30yearsinreston

        Hudgins is the one responsible for the giveaways

  • Donald

    $173,376 for athletic fields — Are they Reston fields? Was the RA board involved in this discussion?

    $168,010 to Fairfax County Public Schools Are they Reston schools?

    $24,040 to help construct a traffic signal You’re kidding right?

    $44,000 for local parks Which Reston parks? Was the RA board involved in this discussion?


    • 30yearsinreston

      Where the f…. is Hudgins ?

      • Donald

        Yes, the RA board needs to be in front of Hudgins, with their land use counsel (newly hired I hope).

        But, I believe RA needs to demonstrate more presence, be far more proactive, and be in front of the county staff, while all zoning ordinance submission requirements are going in. The RA board representative and the RA counsel should be meeting with the staff coordinators assigned to the applications. That’s the time to let the staff review teams know where RA stands. They should continue coordinating, negotiating, and resolving items on behalf of RA, well before public hearings.

        The above is especially true for anything falling into the RA PRC.


      • Greg

        Why, at the developers’ ball, of course!

    • Cubsfan6116

      RA is an HOA and generally wouldn’t be involved in these discussions as more than a stakeholder (this is true anywhere in Virginia). Agreed these proffers are pretty light at $34,118 per unit (and $24,000 is chump change for a traffic signal (~5% of the cost). I wonder how these #s compare to County recommended per unit calculations…

      • Donald

        I believe our Deed in association with the PRC gives Reston Association some amount of clout as an affected party. Our assets are directly affected by anything within the PRC.

        Outside the PRC, I would agree.

        my 2 cents.


        • Drip

          I wonder if RA was silent on developments like this because the new condos will be part of the RA and perhaps they believe they need the additional revenue to fund past (and potentially future) boondoggles. Even if it was appropriate for a HOA to lobby the county, I wouldn’t put such myopic thinking past them to take a pass in order to secure more RA dues. Agree with others that this is a bad deal for Reston and anybody who drives near Sunset Hills and Wiehle.

          • Donald

            Within the PRC, they must pay Reston assessments. Outside the PRC, it’s a strong ask, with a value proposition.

            Within the PRC, I’d be pushing hard for proffers as well.


          • Greg

            Proffers are sought and managed at the county level I believe, no? In other words, RA has no say in them?

            Also, aren’t there some parts of Reston along the toll road that are not part of RA and therefore not subject to the full RA assessment?

            Wasn’t that the case with BLVD — membership was optional


          • dick

            In 2011 all the property owners in the RCIG vacated ALL of their covenants…mostly to allow residential development in the corridor…but they also eliminated their ARB (Architectural Review Board)…and hence NO review by anyone except the county…who appears to advocate development and increased income from taxes…the BLVD is currently rental, but in the future (5 years or so) units will be sold and then become 50% members of RA…half the dues…wait and see…

        • Greg

          Maybe? Or maybe not? It’s the DRB, not the RA, that administers, these sorts of matters. The DRB is a separate entity, no?

          Affected Party Defined – Any owner of Property subject to the Amended Reston Deed, including but not limited to the Board of Directors, or Cluster, or Condominium, or their agents who register with the DRB and who is materially impacted by the use or design of another Property owner.


          • Donald

            A very good point. Anything within the PRC would definitely involve the DRB. But, I believe they can only take things so far, as their primary role is design. It’s a good body to leverage, for sure — especially within the PRC.

            I still argue the board and it’s counsel should be walking the halls of the government building dealing with these applications well ahead of time. Our deed states the board will take any and all actions to protect its deeded property and assets.

            The RA board and its use land use attorney were very well utilized during the Reston National matter.

            But, I’m not disagreeing with your thoughts.


          • dick

            If this project is not in the PRC, then the DRB has NO purview..true for the entire RCIG corridor where developers have gone wild with no oversight…

          • Greg

            I think you are right — RCIG is (or was) not part of RA. But a faint memory is telling me that there was some sort of effort to abolish RCIG and annex it fully into Reston?

            Donald, am I misremembering?

          • John Higgins

            You may be recalling that in 2011 the covenants for the RCIG were vacated, permitting residential development along the corridor. That area was not part of RA nor was it subject to the Reston Deed. Developers were encouraged to make arrangements to associate with the RA or RTC. (I believe they have the option to form their own HOA, but that needs fact checking.) Such association need not be full membership, as was the case with Comstock’s deal with the RA.

            This puts RA in an awkward position of being a potential speedbump in the plan approval process while hoping to woo the developer to join RA at a later date.

          • Donald

            You’re correct Mr. Higgins. Going further, the present day Reston Comprehensive Plan strongly recommends any development in the RCIG join (membership) either RA or the RTCA.

            There is also a strong recommendation that all parties agree to a set of agreed upon design guidelines in the RCIG. I believe Comstock was one of the entities that acknowledged it and was willing to advocate for it.


          • Greg


          • Greg
  • OneReally

    “A buyout of $20,898 to separate from the Metro Tax District”

    And someone approved this ? 21k is a drop in the bucket.

    • Conservative Senior

      Why were they exempt from the tax district but other property owners had no choice? Are they part of Small Tax District 5?

      • Donald

        They are definitely inside the Small Tax District #5.


        • Conservative Senior

          They are within the Metro Tax District but were removed.

  • Willie Reston

    Wood frame construction? HARD PASS.

    • OneReally

      Agreed! In 10 years they will start to fell apart.

  • Amy Sue

    2 level condos starting at $600,000? Are they crazy?

  • Adrian Havill

    Good reporting and pix, Fatimah!

  • dj

    Temporarily moved here because I was done living in the city, and I’m glad it’s not permanent. I truly feel for all Reston natives and (personal) property owners. Don’t understand the rush for all the development. It’s amok….

    Bummer, Reston’s appeal has been quickly withering away.

    • Greg

      So, tell us please. Where’s your next stop?

  • Greg

    I’ve seen more attractive prisons…

  • 30yearsinreston

    Concerned Reston residents should be badgering Hudgins
    We know she is deaf, but enough of a stink would not be ignored by her masters during an election year
    The responsibility for development without infrastructure lies squarely with her Arguments what RA should do just advances her brand of identity politics


    “According to promotional material, one- or two-level condominiums start at $600,000.”

    No comma needed!

  • Greg

    Paging cRAzy…

    See? I learned again. Thanks all!


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