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Friday Morning Notes

by RestonNow.com April 27, 2018 at 9:00 am 25 Comments

You don’t want to use Metro, anyway — Sign up for the Bike To Work Day event closest to your place of business. [Reston Bike Club]

Some like it hot  According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this summer is going to be a scorcher. [Patch]

Bae (systems) wants to move  Aerospace company BAE Systems is reportedly looking to consolidate offices. They’ve currently got one office in Reston. [Washington Business Journal]

Spooked yet? — South Lakes High School will present a performance on “Phantom” today through May 5. Tickets are available online. [SLHS]

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  • Cubsfan6116

    I’m disappointed that Reston Now found the only way to promote Bike To Work Day – a great community program – is to bash Metro. Not only are both part of a multimodal transportation system, but this region relies on both to get cars off the road and people to work.

    Moreover, Reston has a BTWD station at the Metro, encouraging people to bike to Wiehle and get on the train, or take the train to Wiehle and bike to work. They’re not in competition. Why not “You don’t want to sit in traffic anyway?” That would make a lot more sense as few people drive then bike to work. Better yet, let’s just keep it positive. There’s plenty of negativity and nastiness in the world already.

    • OneReally

      “multimodal transportation system” your joking right?

      • 30yearsinreston

        We need more woonerfs
        They can even cure cancerandalleviate world hunger
        The cost is just repainting a few streets

        • OneReally

          Grammar / spelling bullies ar outt agin

          • Anonymous Person

            Oh, I didn’t realize wanting to be able to comprehend coherent sentences made one a bully. I suppose the entire DNC is now a ‘bully’ after the covfefe incident.

            Ain’t hypocrisy grand?

          • Mike M

            DNC? Bullies? After and before that incident.

            Language is about communication. This is an informal communications board. We both understood what was meant. No one needed your input.

          • OneReally

            Is ain’t a real word.

        • E

          “We need more wooners”

          Classic! Keep it comin’!

      • Tom H

        I think you intended to write “you are joking..” or “you’re joking”, but anyways, I am all for more on bikes and less vehicles.

        • OneReally

          I’m all for bikers actually following the rules of the road. Where are all of the bikers in the middle of winter? Bikes aren’t the answer, but yet we give them dedicated lanes. Total waste IMHO.

        • The Constitutionalist

          I’m for more bikes, just not their riders.

        • Why do you bother?


          If you’re going to (rightly) correct someone’s grammar, yours better be impeccable.

    • Anonymous Person

      Have you been on metro lately…?

      And I say this as a daily metro commuter.

      Scoff where scoffing is due. Metro deserves it like no other. And now the union is demanding a 4% pay raise in an era when ridership is down! It’s like demanding a pay raise in GM right in the middle of the bailouts. So stupid.

      • Cubsfan6116

        Oh I agree Metro deserves it’s hefty share of criticism, but this link has nothing to do with Metro. It’s a totally positive event that gets people out of their cars and healthier. No reason to turn it into a completely unrelated bashing of Metro.

        • Mike M

          “both part of a multimodal transportation system”

          The headline connected them. Then you did.

    • The Constitutionalist

      You mean, RN made a comment that is completely synonymous with the majority of Restonians?

      The Metro is garbage, everyone hates it. But then again, so is biking, because if biking was SO much better, we wouldn’t have to create a holiday for it, people would just bike.

      See you (and everyone else) in traffic on “bike to work day.”

      • Cubsfan6116

        I do enjoy those who claim to speak for “everybody” and who have done surveys to determine what the majority of Restonians want. Despite the issues and problems, I have a feeling that all those Restonians who used to have to drive to or take a bus to West Falls Church prefer to have a one seat ride from Wiehle. Metro has the highest daily ridership of any transit system outside of NYC, takes thousands of cars off the road, and provides a commuting option. For all the hate, our region would be much worse off without it.

        If course, it sounds like you just hate everything that isn’t a car. I feel sorry for you. Don’t worry, we still have lots of roads for all of us who drive places. Why not just be happy for those who ride metro or bike? They’re not going to hurt you. I promise .

        • The Constitutionalist

          The blanket statement that Metro has the highest daily ridership of any transit system outside NYC means nothing. Wow, we’re also the largest metro area outside of NYC. Wow, we’re also one of the only areas outside of NYC that puts all its mass transit systems under one name. Wow, the silver line, which is the part we’re discussing here, continues to fall short in every single measurable way except for two: deadlines and cost overruns.

          While your statement that it takes “thousands” of cars off the road is true, is that worth the billions the taxpayer must pay for it?

          Why am I not happy for those who ride metro? Because I pay extra for your privilege to do that.

          I know they’re not going to hurt me. If a biker in Reston even sees a car within 30 feet they immediately pop a Xanax to stifle their anxiety, and Metro riders are drivers anyways as they have to drive to Metro.

          The simple truth is, bikers and Metro riders fall into the category of almost non-statistical minority, but as always, we have to cater to you so you feel good because you can yell the loudest.

          • Cubsfan6116

            We’re the sixth largest metro, and my point was that lots of people depend on metro and use it everyday.

            To accommodate all the riders in their own cars it would cost many billions in road improvements, so yes. It wouldn’t cost you any less to have to build more roads and your property value wouldn’t be as high.

            The simple truth is that about 25% of people in the DC area commute via a mode other than car. Facts are a…

        • Mike M

          LOL! Another one who says basic observations have no validity unless backed by a survey!

          Psst! Surveys don’t always agree.
          Psst! Most dogs are furry! No survey required.
          Psst! Go ride your bike in traffic.

          • Cubsfan6116

            You must have missed the lesson on the difference between objective truth and subjective preference in 6th grade.

          • Mike M

            You missed common sense.
            I can get you a survey for any side of an issue.

      • Willie Reston

        Yeah … you definitely don’t know what “synonymous” means.

        • The Constitutionalist

          Yeah… I do.

        • Mike M

          Ahem: “closely associated with or suggestive of something.”

          Works for me. Moreover I never had any doubt about the meaning of the post. Once again, you demonstrate a misguided pettiness. Sometimes I feel sorry for you.


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