Reston Association Board to Fill Board Vacancy Next Week

by Fatimah Waseem May 18, 2018 at 12:00 pm 13 Comments

A vacant position on Reston Association’s Board of Directors could be filled on Friday (May 24).

Four candidates — Rick Landers, Caren Anton, John Bowman and Travis Johnson — are vying for the open Hunters Woods/Dogwood District seat.

The position became vacant in April — just one day after the board election — when Victoria White resigned. The board will vote to elect the new director during its meeting.

Bowman finished second for the one-year, at-large director seat during elections earlier this year. Johnson finished fourth in the race for a three-year, at-large director as well.

The candidates’ statements are below.

Candidate Statements – Vacancy by Fatimah Waseem on Scribd

Photo by Reston Association 

  • Michael Gandolfo

    Welcome to the board, Travis Johnson. Only took you two bites at the apple, good timing with resignations, and a friend in Eric Carr.

    It is disappointing that two candidates that RA members rejected and the woman who helped ignore the Election Resolutions are the “best” options.

    • MakeRestonBetter

      Doesn’t that leave one candidate who has neither been rejected or engaged in ignoring resolutions? Doesn’t that make the remaining candidate the best? Not partisan, just doing the math with your statement.

      • Michael Gandolfo

        You are right, but I can’t imagine that this board would select that person. I know little about that candidate, but I would be very surprised if that turned out to be the case.

        • Donald



      • Donald

        That makes the most sense.


    • Ray Wedell

      Hi Michael…..I think it is quite unfair to take personal shots at Travis or any candidate. It is very easy to sit in our perches and comment “from the outside”, as I am finding out. I have no idea who the best candidate would be from these 4, but I have no doubt Travis would be dedicated to doing what he thinks is the right thing, and I would be very surprised if he didn’t learn the downside of aligning so closely with established interests (for the record, I was very much opposed to the operational style and ideas of many of these established interests he aligned himself with).

      I thought Caren handled herself very well in an extremely difficult position this year at the EC. There will always be detractors and people who disagree with an action or two, as most of us did, but there were many decisions thrown at her that required quick decisions with imperfect information in front of her. She actually sided with me after I was attacked unnecessarily, I thought, by Travis during the election process; many had told me that she was “in the pocket” of the other guys and would side against me, a statement which she proved over and over again to be untrue. Caren was a big upgrade over past EC’s and acted with impartiality in most cases.

      I do not know Mr. Landers.

      There are likely good reasons in favor of/opposed to any of the four. I just hope the RA Board is way more thorough in vetting candidates than they have been this past year in similar situations. And although one can never take personal friendships or adversarial relationships out of any vote like this, let’s hope this becomes more than a popularity contest.

      There seems to be enough diversity of thought on this new Board to make the process fair and select a good person to represent Hunter Woods.

      • Michael Gandolfo

        It isn’t “unfair” as I wasn’t sitting “from the outside”. I was a member of the Elections Committee for most of the last election cycle. I had been a member for four years. I resigned because of Caren’s unilateral and dangerous policies. We observed Travis personally attack another candidate. The evidence was clear cut and within the scope of the resolutions. I, myself, submitted the complaint. The EC choice to ignore it since they backed the candidate and were on the side of the “Four for Reston”.

        So Ray, please don’t lecture me that I don’t know what I am talking about. Don’t tell me that Travis or Caren are good candidates for the board. I know from first hand experience they are not. Stay in your lane.

        • Ray Wedell

          I stand corrected. You clearly see more from the inside on this than I do. And since you are going to be personal, let me ad this: They are both way better than a third candidate who is resurfacing.

          Thanks for your honesty.

          • Michael Gandolfo

            I apologize; I didn’t mean to come off as personal. But regarding the third returning candidate: you are absolutely right, haha.

  • 30yearsinreston

    Bring back Fulkerson
    She’s tanned, rested and ready !

  • Board games

    The resignation and disqualification of V White, one day before election results, appears to me like an inside job.

    The board probably felt better in making their own decision rather than letting 20,000 households decide.

    That seems to me the most reasonable explanation, since members dont care/vote and also because its tough to make decisions on a split board. That said, I hope we dont get ourselves into another pony barn, lake house or hook road parking lot although I am not optimistic.

    • Why do you bother?

      The resignation a day after the election was an obvious stunt to let the current board appoint an heir rather than doing the right thing and allowing Reston residents to vote on a replacement.

      Just plain shameful.

      • Donald

        The new board members should be asking some serious questions of the previous cabal. Ganesan and Carr are about to get their dream majority.



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